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Euskadi will have to wait until mid-July for the arrival of summer

Euskadi will have to wait until mid-July for the arrival of summer

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 20, 2024 | 12:30 pm

Summer temperatures will be hard to come by in Euskadi, and will not arrive until mid-July, according to AEMET

In Euskadi, summer has always had a peculiar ally: the sea. Although the official start date is June 20, according to the delegate of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), Margarita Martín, this year the rise in temperatures will not arrive until the following month. Until then, temperatures will be mild and there will be little precipitation. The sea, which has not yet reached 20 degrees, acts as a natural thermometer. Only when the water reaches that temperature can we talk about the arrival of summer in the Basque Autonomous Community.

Euskadi will have to wait until mid-July for the arrival of summer

The next few weeks will continue to be unstable. This situation is expected to continue until around July 15. From then on, a “normal” season is expected, although slightly warmer in the Llanada Alavesa and with rainfall lower than usual. It will be in the second half of July when summer finally sets in, a station that is always insured for at least a month or a month and a half. Although there are historical exceptions, such as in 2002, 1977 or 1936, when summer was not felt according to Margarita Martín.

A cooler than usual month of July

This year, July could be the coolest month of summer. This contrasts with the trend since 2020, when August and September have been less warm. In August and September, summer will be slightly warm. Spring has been “slightly warmer” with normal rainfall both on the coast and in the interior. March and April were somewhat hotter and drier than normal. However, May brought more rainfall than usual, although without exceeding the average data.

At the Igeldo Observatory, the average rainfall recorded between March and June has been 353 liters per square meter, slightly below the average of 364 liters. As for temperatures, the average was 12,5 degrees, just one tenth above normal. In Foronda, precipitation has been 157 liters per square meter, 16 less than usual, and the temperature has remained only three tenths below the average.

Forecast for the festivities of San Juan and San Marcial

For those who plan to enjoy the festivities of San Juan and San Marcial, Margarita Martín has assured that they will not need umbrellas. Although it will be cloudy, no rain is expected. On June 24, moderate heat is expected with clouds and clearings and breezes. June 30 will be presented with somewhat higher temperatures and southwesterly winds.

At the state level, Rubén Del Campo, spokesperson for AEMET, has assured that the summer will be warmer than normal. It could be among the 20% of the warmest recorded in the northern third of the peninsula and the easternmost Canary Islands. There is between a 50 and 70% chance that this will be the case. In the rest of the State, this probability is lower.

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