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Hacienda Bizkaia projects 663.000 income tax returns in 2023


Mairenis Gomez

April 10, 2024 | 8:45 a.m.

The Hacienda de Bizkaia begins an ambitious rental campaign with notable improvements and high expectations

I'll start by sharing with you a panorama that looks promising for the Bizkaia taxpayers in this season of income statement 2023. The Provincial Council of Bizkaia has launched a campaign that not only anticipates an increase in the number of declarations compared to the previous year, but also promises significant refunds and a series of new features that seek to alleviate the tax burden and promote equity.

Increase in significant returns and returns

This year, The Bizkaia Treasury expects to receive close to 663.000 declarations, a notable increase compared to the previous period. The encouraging news for many is that 71,64% of these are expected to be in favor of the taxpayer, with a total return estimated at 560 million euros. This data not only reflects an increase in the volume of declarations, but also in the amount that the local government is willing to return to citizens, evidencing an effort to maintain a fair and equitable fiscal policy.

News and improvements in the campaign

Furthermore, this year's campaign is full of new features, among which the 2% deflation stands out to counteract the effects of inflation, an intelligent move that demonstrates the adaptability of the Bizkaia Treasury in the face of current economic challenges. In addition, a refund of 200 euros has been announced for those whose income is less than 30.000 euros. As well as an increase in the unjustified expense pass for certain sectors, which will undoubtedly benefit many self-employed workers in the region.

Deductions and social benefits

A crucial aspect of this campaign is the continuity and expansion of social deductions that touch the lives of almost all taxpayers. From deductions for descendants and seniors to incentives for housing and disability, The Hacienda de Bizkaia is committed to supporting various sectors of society. Additionally, the Batuz system continues to strengthen, offering significant compensation to those who voluntarily join, demonstrating a clear interest in promoting transparency and collaboration between local government and its citizens.

It presents promise for Bizkaia taxpayers in this 2023 tax return season.

Hacienda Bizkaia's commitment to its taxpayers

Finally, it is important to highlight the flexibility offered by the Bizkaia Treasury in the way of submitting declarations. With options ranging from in-person attention to the convenience of carrying out procedures online or by telephone, The process is greatly facilitated for all taxpayers. This accessibility demonstrates an effort to adapt to the needs and preferences of the population, ensuring that the process is as least tedious as possible.

Definitely, The 2023 income campaign in Bizkaia is shaping up to be a period of important progress and significant improvements. With a focus on tax justice, economic adaptability and social support, the Treasury of Bizkaia is setting a precedent for how to efficiently and equitably manage fiscal resources and responsibilities. As a citizen of this beautiful province, I can only feel hopeful and grateful for the efforts made to improve our quality of life through fiscal policies designed for the well-being of all.

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