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Bizkaia Treasury begins income refunds

Mairenis Gomez

April 16, 2024 | 2:00 p.m.

46 million euros for 38.000 taxpayers

Today marks an important milestone for la Foral Treasury of Bizkaia, which has begun to return 45,6 million euros to 37.576 taxpayers who, with diligence and promptness, They submitted their tax return with a favorable balance during the first days of the Renta23 campaign. This action not only reflects the efficiency of our region's tax system, but also the commitment to speed and support for citizens. The average refund being managed will amount to 1.213 euros, a significant amount that will surely be well received by the beneficiaries in these economically challenging times.

Technological preferences and effective attention: the digital pulse of the Renta23 campaign

The digital trend continues to rise, with an overwhelming 88,5% of the 81.546 returns filed through digital channels. This not only highlights the technological adaptation of Bizkaia taxpayers, but also the effectiveness of the platforms offered by the Foral Treasury. In addition, telephone support has proven to be a crucial resource, answering 47.427 calls in just four days. The service has not only managed queries, but has also been a channel to resolve doubts and modify declarations, reinforcing accessibility and support for the taxpayer.

The commitment to pensioners and mutual members in Bizkaia

Furthermore, a highlight of the Renta23 campaign is the particular focus on the needs of pensioners and mutual members. In the first six days, 3.594 pensioners with contributions to labor mutual societies have requested reviews of statements from previous years. This is a gesture that reflects the social responsibility and commitment of the Foral Treasury to all its taxpayers, ensuring that each group receives the attention and support they deserve.

The digital pulse of the Renta23 campaign

A broad overview of the Renta23 campaign: numbers that speak

Looking ahead to the rest of the campaign, expectations are high. It is estimated that nearly 663.000 returns will be filed, of which approximately 70% will result in returns. This means that many taxpayers can expect to receive an average of 1.179 euros, which totals a significant redistribution of resources. In addition, the application of social deductions worth 712,6 million euros is planned. Which underlines the Foral Treasury's focus on supporting families and promoting social well-being through fair and equitable tax policies.

Undoubtedly, Bizkaia's Renta23 campaign is not only setting a precedent in terms of efficiency and technological support. But also in its ability to adapt to individual needs of its taxpayers. It is a testimony of the administration's commitment to the continuous improvement and well-being of the citizens of Bizkaia, ensuring that each taxpayer. Whether you're digitally savvy or dependent on personal assistance, find ease and efficiency in your interaction with the tax system. This is a clear indicator of a society that moves together towards a more prosperous and fair future.

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