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Minors orphaned by sexist violence will receive 5760 euros annually from the Basque Government

Minors orphaned by sexist violence will receive 5760 euros annually from the Basque Government

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 16, 2024 | 11:45 a.m.

Aid from the Basque Government to orphans of sexist violence

La sexist violence continues to leave a trail of pain and loss in our society, a particularly devastating reality for minors who lose their mothers in these tragic contexts. In response to this problem, the The Basque Government has announced the implementation of a financial aid program aimed at these orphaned minors., seeking to offer tangible support that contributes both to their daily livelihood and to their educational and personal development.

Framed in the Law for the Equality of Women and Men and a life free of sexist violence, these aids are presented as a vital resource for those affected. The basic amount established is 5760 euros per year, intended for minors up to 18 years of age who have lost their mother due to a act of sexist violence. This amount reflects not only financial support but also a clear message of solidarity and reparation towards the youngest and most vulnerable victims of these crimes.

The amount can increase significantly under certain conditions. If the beneficiaries are pursuing regulated studies or If they have a recognized disability greater than 33%, the aid will be doubled, reaching 11 euros. Additionally, eligibility is extended up to age 25 in cases of academic continuation or presence of disability, thus ensuring extended support during a crucial stage of training and personal development.

Aid from the Basque Government to orphans of sexist violence

Another relevant aspect of the decree is the establishment of a single retroactive payment of 10 euros for those who have been orphaned by sexist violence since 000. This measure not only recognizes the prolonged trauma that many of these families have faced, but also provides a gesture of compensation for the years of support that may have been missing.

To access this aid, those interested must meet several requirements: be a minor at the time of the mother's death, not have turned 21 at the time of the application and be registered in the registry of any municipality in the region. Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. Once the decree is published in the Official State Gazette, those affected will be able to begin the application process.

La Minister of Equality, Justice and Social Policies, Nerea Melgosa, has highlighted the importance of this decree, describing it as a step forward in the protection and support of orphaned minors, and a reflection of the Basque Government's commitment to the eradication of sexist violence and support for its most defenseless victims.

These measures are a reminder that the fight against sexist violence is a shared responsibility that requires both punitive actions and support programs that help rebuild the lives affected. Through this type of initiatives, we seek not only to offer economic resources, but also promote an environment of security, justice and equal opportunities for those who have been most deeply impacted by this social problem.

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