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Municipalities of Bizkaia will receive almost €3M for the renovation of sports facilities

The municipalities of Bizkaia will receive almost €3 million for the renovation of sports facilities

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 19, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

Nearly three million euros to renovate sports facilitiess in Bizkaia

In a world where health and sport are increasingly intertwined with social and personal well-being, The news that the municipalities of Bizkaia will receive close to three million euros to improve their sports facilities is more than encouraging. This initiative, promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, not only reflects a commitment to the quality of life of citizens, but also highlights the importance of having adequate spaces for exercise and recreation.

La spokesperson for the Provincial Council, Leixuri Arrizabalaga, has reported that the subsidies are designed to adapt and modernize sports centers and other municipal sports equipment. These improvements will not only allow for greater frequency of use, but will also ensure that the facilities are accessible and safe for all users, regardless of your age or physical ability.

The funding comes from a clear vision: to promote physical activity as a pillar of a healthy society. Since 2021, the Provincial Council has invested more than 14 million euros in improving sports infrastructure, demonstrating a continuous and sustained effort to enrich the local community.

Detailed investments and their benefits for the community

With this new injection of funds, municipalities will be able to carry out a series of projects ranging from renovating the structure of sports spaces to updating equipment and improving accessibility. These types of investments not only benefit athletes and those who regularly use the facilities, but also to the community in general, which finds these spaces a safe and attractive place to meet and socialize.

Nearly three million euros to renovate sports facilities in Bizkaia

In addition, improvements to sports facilities They have a direct impact on the youth of the region, by providing them with adequate and safe spaces to develop their physical skills and foster values ​​such as teamwork and perseverance.

The application process for these subsidies will be 15 business days after the publication of the decree that regulates the aid, which highlights the efficiency and urgency with which the improvements are intended to be carried out. It is a clear example of how public administration can act quickly and accurately to respond to the needs of its community.

La investment of almost three million euros to renew and improve sports facilities in Bizkaia It is a positive step for the province. It reflects a commitment to the well-being of citizens and an investment in the future of the community. By improving sports spaces, a healthy lifestyle is encouraged, social cohesion is strengthened and the quality of life of all Biscayans is improved.

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