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Now Repúblicas fourth in Spain ahead of Sumar and Podemos

Jesus Carames

June 10, 2024 | 7:45 a.m.

Now Republics, a Basque, Catalan and Galician coalition, ahead of the Spanish super left of Sumar and Podemos. What a cure of humility.

Electoral context and general results

In the 2024 European elections, Spain's political diversity has been clearly reflected in the results. Below is a detailed analysis based on the most recent data, including a comparison with 2019 results.

The dominance of the PP and the advance of VOX

The Popular Party (PP) has consolidated its position as the political force with the most votes in these elections, reaching a 34,18% of the votes and obtaining 22 seats in the European Parliament. This result represents a significant increase compared to the 13 seats obtained in 2019, when he achieved the 20,15% of the votes.

VOX, for its part, has experienced an increase in its representation, going from 4 seats in 2019 (with a 6,21% of the votes) to 6 seats in 2024, with a 9,62% of the total votes.

The PSOE and its resistance

The Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) has maintained its relevance in the political panorama, although with a slight decline. In 2024, the PSOE has achieved the 30,19% of the votes, which translates into 20 seats. Compared to 2019, where he obtained 21 seats or with a 32,86% of the votes, a slight loss is observed in absolute terms.

The surprise of Now Republics

One of the most striking results has been that of Now Republics, a Basque, Catalan and Galician coalition that has surpassed the great forces of the Spanish left. With 855.985 votes (a 4,93% of the total), Now Repúblicas has achieved 3 seats. This coalition, which includes EH Bildu, ERC and BNG, has managed to consolidate itself as a significant force in the European Parliament.

The fragmentation of the left: Sumar and Podemos

Summer y We can They have seen their representation fragmented in these elections. Sumar, under the alliance of Unidas Podemos, has obtained 808.142 votes (a 4,66%) Y 3 seats, while Podemos, in its original form, has managed 569.232 votes (a 3,28%) Y 2 seats. The comparison with 2019 is unfavorable for Podemos, which then achieved 2.258.857 votes y 6 seats (a 10,07%).

Other political forces

the coalition SALF has achieved 796.560 votes (a 4,59%) Y 3 seats. For its part, Together-EU Has obtained 443.566 votes (a 2,56%) Y 1 seat, showing a decrease from 1.018.435 votes y 2 seats which he achieved in 2019.

the coalition CEUS (EAJ-PNV), with 279.545 votes (a 1,61%), has maintained its 1 seat, similar to the result of 2019. Finally, Pacma, despite its efforts, has not achieved representation, obtaining 133.897 votes (a 0,77%).


The results of the 2024 European elections reflect a deep diversity and fragmentation in the Spanish political landscape. The consolidation of the PP and the advance of VOX contrast with the fragmentation of the left, while regional coalitions such as Ahora Repúblicas stand out for their ability to overcome national political forces. This analysis shows not only the current dynamics but also the possible trends and challenges that political parties will face in the coming years.

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