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Ortuzar asks in the Alderdi to open the territorial debate

Jesus Carames

September 24, 2023 | 6:00 p.m.

Andoni Ortuzar, president of the GNP (Basque Nationalist Party), in a recent political event, has taken a step forward in the always complex territorial debate that has shaken the Spanish political landscape for years. With a clear and decisive position, the Basque leader proposes a route based on cooperation, dialogue and the review of the current territorial model.

Commitments and Correspondence

Andoni Ortuzar not only highlights his party's willingness to contribute to the governability of Spain, but also puts an essential condition at the center of the table: the opening of a debate on the territorial model. This approach, far from being a simple demand, is presented as a call for reciprocity, asking for previously signed commitments to be fulfilled.

Words and Action

The president of the PNV emphasizes the importance of the word given and the fulfillment of agreements, an essential value in politics. "Only those who keep the word given before can ask for support again later," Ortuzar stressed during the political event in the fields of Foronda. An event that not only had the background of the upcoming elections in Euskadi, but also the national political scene with the imminent investiture session of Alberto Nunez Feijoo.

A Pre-Election Climate and Political Commitments

The PNV has made its position clear on the Spanish political scene, showing its rejection of possible coalitions with parties like Vox. The celebration of the Alderdi Eguna, in contrast to events of other parties, demonstrates the firmness and clarity with which the PNV presents its positions and proposals.

A Call for Democratic Transformation

Ortuzar was critical and reflective about the current situation of democracy in Spain, denouncing the lack of debate on territorial issues and the national recognition of territories such as Euskadi or Catalonia. Despite the current complex political landscape, marked by extremism and populism, the Basque leader proposes a path of dialogue and understanding.

Towards the Basque Elections

The electoral horizon is close, and the PNV faces the challenge of reconnecting with Basque citizens, reillusion and chart a clear path toward self-governance and progress. Ortuzar concluded with a call to action, underlining the need for concrete and feasible proposals, avoiding falling into empty promises that usually characterize the opposition.

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