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Osakidetza emergency personnel denounce poor management of the service

Mairenis Gomez

May 24, 2024 | 3:00 p.m.

Emergency personnel denounce the ineffective management of the service and suffer constant job insecurity

For a long time, Osakidetza emergency personnel has been facing serious management problems and precarious working conditions. This Friday, the service staff came to the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, where the 30th anniversary of the creation of the service was celebrated, to denounce the critical situation they experience daily. Accompanied by the ELA union, where concerns were expressed regarding ineffective management and precarious conditions that affect the entire workforce.

Poor management and understaffing in emergencies

The current management of Osakidetza has demonstrated ineffective management in multiple aspects, especially in the organization of work calendars. This situation has generated great labor instability. In some bases, such as Nanclares, the work schedules are so deficient that it is impossible to comply with the stipulated 1.592 hours of work.

Furthermore, the lack of personnel is a constant, and absences are not covered. This situation causes mobile ICUs and Coordination Centers to be left without doctors, which puts emergency care at risk. Furthermore, the temporality is very high and the hiring is irregular, since the management does not respect the dictates of the Incompatibilities Law. ELA has repeatedly warned about these precarious conditions, focusing especially on the Coordination Centers, where the lack of operating personnel causes grueling 12-hour shifts without adequate breaks.

Lack of recognition and stressful working conditions

However, In the Health Council, nursing staff do not receive sufficient recognition for the work and functions they perform, which represents a comparative insult with respect to the rest of the emergency personnel. In addition, administrative staff, in charge of hiring, work under conditions of extreme stress due to workload and lack of resources.

These problems are only part of the daily reality we face. Meanwhile, the management and management team of Osakidetza celebrate the anniversary of the service, ignoring the daily problems. This situation reflects a total disconnect between management and the needs of staff.

The current management of Osakidetza has demonstrated ineffective management in multiple aspects

Need for urgent solutions

Without a doubt, it is essential that immediate action is taken to solve these problems. Ineffective management and job insecurity not only affect workers, but also the quality of the emergency service provided to citizens. We need committed and efficient management that guarantees fair working conditions and quality emergency service for all.

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