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Osakidetza unions denounce Grup La Pau for irregularities

Mairenis Gomez

June 15, 2024 | 10:01 a.m.

The unions UGT, ESK and LSB-USO have raised their voices against Grup La Pau, the company in charge of Osakidetza's outsourced ambulances

The unions UGT, ESK and LSB-USO have publicly denounced Grup La Pau, the company in charge of the ambulances outsourced from Osakidetza. The criticism arises after the statements of the company's vice president and financial director, Jordi Alonso. In an interview, Alonso minimized the sanctions of the Work inspection, attributing them to unfounded complaints from the unions.

Metaphors and complaints: the unions' criticism of Grup La Pau for labor violations

ESK and LSB-USO use the same metaphor, "It's like they're going 200 down the road and saying there are a lot of speed cameras. The problem is not the radar. The problem is going to 200. UGT considers Alonso's statements “a joke” and has requested that Grup La Pau not be able to receive more public contracts due to serious infractions such as delays in payroll payment.. The Labor Inspection has verified 23 violations in the last year, one of them "very serious" and the other 22 "serious". The complaints continue to come, including cases of workers without a contract.

UGT leads the legal battle against Grup La Pau for irregularities and poor economic management

In addition, which has acquired more prominence in recent weeks, it achieved the precautionary stoppage of the renewal of the contract for the scheduled service of Bizkaia and Álava with its appeal. UGT is determined to take the case to ordinary justice if the Administrative Body of Contractual Resources (OARC) does not agree with them. Lucio Conde, from the UGT union section in the Osakidetza outsourced ambulances, assures that from day one there have been problems with Grup La Pau. He criticizes the company for blaming high absenteeism for its delicate economic situation, when the company's losses could reach 9 million euros by the end of 2024.

Asier Muñoz, from ESK, remembers that the sanctions of the Labor Inspection against this company are "serious" and "continuous"

Muñoz denounces the signing of a new agreement that proposes a 30% salary increase while the company claims to be on the verge of bankruptcy. In addition, the company has hired several managers with high salaries. According to Muñoz, Grup La Pau's business management is deficient and he expects them to respect the new agreement, warning that they will report it if they do not.

Osakidetza unions accuse Grup La Pau of multiple labor irregularities and sanctions by the Labor Inspection

LSB-USO denounces job insecurity and negligence in the management of Grup La Pau

Ieltxu Tejedor, from LSB-USO, a center that is currently on strike, criticizes the minimization of the action of the Labor Inspection, an objective and impartial public entity. Tejedor points out that his union has documented at least ten cases of workers without an employment contract and without registration with Social Security, and denounces specific problems such as the lack of assistance systems to insert stretchers into vehicles, which generates significant physical efforts. In addition, he mentions many cases of anxiety and sick leave due to psychological problems due to the bad work environment.

In short, the unions accuse Grup La Pau of negligent management and demand compliance with legal and labor requirements to guarantee a fair and dignified service. The current situation reflects a deep conflict between workers and the company, evidencing the need for immediate and effective solutions to improve working conditions. and ensure respect for the rights of workers in Bizkaia and Álava.

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