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Increase in OTA rates on Sopela beach

Jesus Carames

June 15, 2024 | 7:30 a.m.

Justification for the increase

Since last June 1, users who park their vehicles in the beach area of Blow must face an increase in the daily rate of the OTA (Traffic and Parking Ordinance). The rate has risen from 6 to 10 euros. He Sopela Town Hall justifies this measure by arguing that it seeks to align rates "with those of other municipalities in Uribe Costa» and highlights that the rates «were frozen since 2016».

The mayor of Sopela, Guruzne Carrasson, underlines the importance of this update. «Increasing the OTA rate is essential for Sopela to remain in line with the practices of other nearby municipalities and maintain consistency at the regional level. We want to ensure that all users of our public spaces contribute equitably to the maintenance and improvement of our services,” explains Carrasson. Furthermore, he emphasizes "the importance of using public transportation in beach areas" and the need to "reduce the use of private vehicles, especially in the face of serious traffic problems."

New rates and their impact

With this update, the OTA rates in Sopela have been restructured. The first half-hour fraction will cost 0,55 euros, and the following half-hour fractions will increase by 0,50 euros until reaching a daily maximum of 10 euros. In the previous rate, the first fraction was 0,35 euros and the following were 0,30 euros, reaching a daily maximum of 6 euros.

In addition, high-frequency users, such as federated surfers, will also see an increase in their annual rates, which go from 40 to 60 euros. Fines for non-compliance with the OTA will remain at 90 euros.

Reactions and considerations

This increase has generated various reactions among users. Some understand the need to adjust rates after several years without changes and consider the measure justified to improve services and beach maintenance. However, other users, especially those who frequent the area regularly, such as surfers, are dissatisfied with the increase in annual rates.

The mayor has highlighted that, in addition to the need to adjust fares, the objective is to encourage the use of public transport and reduce dependence on private vehicles. This change is part of a broader policy of sustainability and efficient management of public space.

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