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Otegi does not see self-determination close

Otegi does not see self-determination close

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 22, 2023 | 10:00 a.m.

Arnaldo Otegi, leader of EH Bildu, has shared his perspectives on the current political panorama in Euskadi and the role of their training in this context. With the Basque regional elections just around the corner, EH Bildu, a coalition of parties from the Basque independence left, prepares for a crucial moment, after achieving significant electoral progress in recent years. In this scenario, Otegi has stated that currently in Euskadi there is no majority that wishes to exercise the right to self-determination, a position that reflects a change in the political approach to training.

This change is also evident in the election of Pello Otxandiano as the headliner for the lehendakaritza, representing a new stage at EH Bildu. Otxandiano, who came to politics after the end of ETA, symbolizes the political renewal and regeneration that the party seeks to project. Otegi emphasizes the importance of this generational and strategic change, focusing on a candidate with an outstanding background and no ties to ETA's past.

EH Bildu political strategy and the future of alliances in Euskadi

The interview with Otegi reveals a clear vision of the political strategies and alliances in Euskadi. The leader of EH Bildu argues that the alliance model in the Basque Country is obsolete and advocates a new approach that responds to the current needs of the region. According to Otegi, EH Bildu seeks to establish a progressive and plurinational model similar to that of the Government of Navarra, focused on minimum agreements between progressive forces.

This approach represents a challenge for both the PNV and the Socialist Party of Euskadi (PSE), who have maintained a traditional alliance policy. EH Bildu proposes a collaborative leadership of the government based on the force that obtains the most votes, a strategy that could change the Basque political landscape.

The future of self-determination and Basque politics

Otegi's position regarding self-determination and the political future of Euskadi is a key topic of interest. Although he recognizes that there is currently no majority seeking to exercise self-determination, he does not rule out the possibility that the political scene will evolve in the future. This vision reflects a pragmatic and adaptive approach of EH Bildu to the current political reality of Euskadi.

The interview with Arnaldo Otegi reveals a moment of transition and redefinition at EH Bildu and in the political context of Euskadi. The formation seeks to adapt to a changing political landscape, where generational renewal, new alliances and a pragmatic approach towards self-determination will mark the future of the party and the region.

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