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PNV presents in Durango its proposals for the commerce of Bizkaia

Jesus Carames

May 13, 2023 | 7:30 p.m.

Elixabete Etxanobe, PNV candidate for Deputy General of Bizkaia, and Mireia Elkoroiribe, candidate for mayor of Durango, presented their proposals for the small business sector at an event held in Durango. Both candidates are committed to promoting measures that promote solid, innovative and socially responsible local commerce.

Etxanobe and small businesses in Bizkaia

Etxanobe highlighted that small businesses are a key sector for Bizkaia, with 47.000 employees, 70% of whom are women. She proposes a business model sustainable and socially responsible, which guarantees the continuity of this activity, essential for the local economy.

Etxanobe highlighted the challenges faced by local businesses, and expressed the commitment of the PNV to work in measures and initiatives to guarantee its future. The candidate promises to facilitate the generational change and the renewal of the commercial fabric of Bizkaia, promoting the incorporation of entrepreneurs who are committed to new business models.

In addition, Etxanobe announced the intention to collaborate with merchant associations to promote innovation in business models, with the aim of turning Bizkaia into a innovation pole for small business. He also advocated for the digital education and training of the sector to improve its online presence.

Elkoroiribe and commerce in Durango

For his part, Elkoroiribe proposed Promote the comprehensive remodeling of the Durango market square to turn it into a driving force for local commerce and a point of regional attraction. To do this, it plans to combine different activities and uses in collaboration with the most important associations and agents in the area.

In addition, Elkoroiribe promised to reduce the tax burden on merchants and hoteliers, facilitate parking, promote commercial promotion and business continuity programs, and offer continuous advice and support in digitization processes.

Commitment to local commerce

Both PNV candidates reaffirmed their Commitment to the future of local commerce, highlighting the need for a united and strong sector. They concluded by stressing that they will be by their side, with support initiatives to modernize the sector and make it more innovative and competitive, and with measures that respond to exceptional circumstances, such as the pandemic or the effects of the invasion of Ukraine.

In the words of Etxanobe: “You can count on the PNV. We count on the entire sector to continue generating wealth and employment. We need all of you, each one of the people who lift the blinds of your businesses every morning”.

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