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Pablo Iglesias proposes blackmail to the PSOE to govern Euskadi

Jesus Carames

April 17, 2024 | 12:12 p.m.

Pablo Iglesias has put a bold and strategic proposal on the table before EH Bildu with a view to influencing the formation of the next Basque government and, by extension, Spanish national politics. During a secret meeting in Bilbao, the former Podemos leader argued that the nationalist left should be willing to challenge the PSOE and prevent the PNV, its traditional political adversary, from leading the Basque government, unless a left-wing executive including Can.

Political Context and Churches Proposal

Iglesias' proposal comes at a critical moment, with the Basque political panorama showing a PNV in possible decline compared to an EH Bildu on the rise, according to the latest polls before the elections. Iglesias suggests that, if the polls are confirmed and EH Bildu has the opportunity to lead, they should demand the inclusion of Podemos in the government as a condition for supporting Sánchez at the national level.

Implications for the PSOE

This maneuver by Iglesias not only seeks to revitalize the presence of Podemos in the Basque Country and at the national level, but also puts the PSOE in a complicated position. Sánchez would be forced to choose between supporting a government led by the PNV, more aligned with his moderate policies, or giving in to pressure from Bildu and Podemos to form a more leftist executive, which could destabilize his government in Madrid. .

Iglesias' strategy has been received with skepticism by some sectors who see in it a desperate attempt to become relevant again in a political scenario that has changed significantly since his departure from government. However, for others, it represents a cunning tactic that could reconfigure traditional alliances and force the PSOE to reassess its priorities and alliances in the context of an increasingly complex national and international political landscape.

With the Basque elections approaching, and political positions at stake, Iglesias' proposal could be a catalyst that changes the focus of post-election negotiations. Furthermore, it highlights Iglesias' continued influence on Spanish politics, underscoring his ability to shake the political deck in his favor, even when he does not hold an official position. The response of the PSOE, EH Bildu and the PNV to this maneuver will be crucial in defining not only the future of the Basque Country, but also the balance of power in Spain in the coming years.

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