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Pradales trusts Sánchez in the prompt completion of the transfers

Pradales trusts Sánchez in the prompt completion of the transfers

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 20, 2024 | 10:22 a.m.

Imanol Pradales, PNV candidate for lehendakari, expresses his confidence that the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez will soon fulfill the promised transfers. This expectation is based on the signing of a document between the PNV and the Spanish Government, which guarantees the transfer of key skills such as railways, the validation of foreign university degrees and the management of the reception of refugees and immigrants. These long-awaited transfers They are essential for strengthening self-government in the Basque Country..

Pradales and the promise of transfers: a question of trust and word

In his recent interview in Euskadi Irratia, Pradales emphasized the importance of fulfilling these commitments. He reaffirmed his conviction that the Sánchez Government will honor its word, underlining the decisive role of the PNV seats in Congress. This act of faith in politics and in the agreements reached is crucial for the future of Euskadi and for the relationship between the central and regional governments.

The political situation in Galicia, where a weakening of PP and PSOE in the face of the rise of nationalism represented by the BNG, was also commented by Pradales. According to him, these changes in the Galician political landscape could influence the dynamics of relations between parties at the national level, but will not affect the agreements previously established with the PNV.

The future of Basque self-government and post-transfer perspectives

Pradales trusts that Sánchez will complete the transfers soon

Once the transfers have been made, Pradales envisions a new phase on the path towards a more solid and expanded self-government in the Basque Country. It proposes the recognition of the Basque nation, bilaterality and guarantees of compliance with the agreements, in addition to reinforcing the right of the Basques to decide and vote on their political and administrative framework. This approach reflects a progressive and determined vision towards a future in which Euskadi exercises greater autonomy and recognition within the Spanish State.

The relevance of these transfers and their impact on Basque self-government cannot be underestimated. They represent not only a step towards the fulfillment of a Statute of Gernika historically postponed, but also an opportunity to strengthen the administrative and political capacities of Euskadi. Success in this process would be a testimony to the effectiveness of dialogue and negotiation in Spanish politics.

All the Pradales' statements reflect a crucial moment in Basque politics, the realization of these transfers It would not only be a victory for the PNV and Euskadi, but also an example of how political agreements can and should be honored. Expectations are high and Euskadi's eyes are on the fulfillment of these promises.

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