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Reciprocal recognition between Jesús Eguiguren and Arnaldo Otegi

Reciprocal recognition between Jesús Eguiguren and Arnaldo Otegi

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 8, 2024 | 1:10 p.m.

The political leaders Jesús Eguiguren and Arnaldo Otegi have demonstrated outstanding mutual respect, marking a before and after in the politics of the Basque Country, reflecting a significant evolution in their trajectories and in the relationships between their respective parties, opening the door to future collaborations.

In a recent series of interviews and statements, Jesús Eguiguren, former president of the PSE, and Arnaldo Otegi, general coordinator of EH Bildu, have revealed a mutual recognition of their Past contributions to Basque politics. This exchange symbolizes not only reconciliation between two key figures from opposite political spectrums, but also a possible precursor to changes in regional political dynamics.

Jesús Eguiguren expressed in an interview his disappointment at the lack of recognition of Arnaldo Otegi as a "key" figure in the peace process and the end of ETA violence., indicating that his role was fundamental in moving a historically violent group towards democratic politics. Eguiguren regretted that, despite the progress, there is still a general reluctance to positively value the evolution of Otegi, who has been seen by many as a representative of the most disastrous aspects of Basque politics.

Reciprocal recognition between Jesús Eguiguren and Arnaldo Otegi

For his part, Otegi responded by also recognizing Eguiguren's work, describing him as a "friend" who has suffered similar injustices, both in his party and in the country at large. This reciprocity in recognition is notable, considering the past of strong antagonism between the PSE and forces of the nationalist left.

During a broadcast on Radio Popular, otegi criticized the speed with which PSE and PNV They have overcome their previous mistrust to form a government, suggesting that such moves are strategic rather than ideological. This observation highlights the fluidity and sometimes incongruity of political alliances in the current Basque context.

In contrast, Eguiguren highlighted on Radio Euskadi that the results of the recent elections have "Unlocked" the possibilities of new agreements. He stated that the political situation is now open to multiple configurations, anticipating that he could even reach pacts with EH Bildu, although there is still the obstacle of explicitly recognizing the errors of the violent past.

The path towards future agreements and the reconstruction of trust

Otegi, on the other hand, stressed the importance of eliminating violence from the political equation to move forward. He stressed that although the time to discuss openly has not yet come due to the "open wounds", there is increasingly a greater openness towards reconciliation.

Eguiguren also mentioned his hope that, eventually, the transformation of EH Bild towards a legitimate and democratic political force. Likewise, he attributed the electoral growth of EH Bild to the fact that it is the only real alternative to the duopoly PNV-PSE, predicting a possible significant change in the Basque political landscape for the coming years.

These interactions between Eguiguren and Otegi not only reflect a personal and political change but also signal a possible shift in Basque politics., where old enmities could give way to collaborations in pursuit of a common goal: the stability and prosperity of Euskadi. This process, although full of challenges, offers a window to hope and progress in a region historically marked by political and social conflicts.

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