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Registration open for 108 new rental apartments in Erandio by the Basque Government

Registration open for 108 new rental apartments in Desierto by the Basque Government

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 22, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.

Promotion characteristics and requirements

Between May 24 and June 10, 2024, the registration period opens to opt for one of the 108 officially protected housing for rent that the Basque Government is building in the Desierto neighborhood, Barakaldo. This promotion includes five apartments adapted for people with disabilities and a reserve of 41 homes for people under 36 years of age, in addition to other specific spaces. The homes range in size from 43 to 87 square meters, with options from one to three bedrooms.

The development, located on Altos Hornos Street in Barakaldo, offers a unique opportunity for those looking for affordable rental housing. These homes are designed to meet various needs, including adaptations for people with reduced mobility. To participate in the adjudication process, it is essential to meet certain income and registration requirements.

Registration open for 108 new rental apartments in Desierto by the Basque Government

The range of weighted income required to participate is between 9.000 and 43.753,71 euros per year, depending on the income year 2022. It is crucial to consider the sum of the income of all registered holders. However, for people with disabilities, mental disabilities or women victims of gender violence, proof of minimum income will not be required. Likewise, those people who have a recognized subjective right to housing will be exempt from this requirement.

Another important requirement is registration. At least one of the holders of the application must be registered in Barakaldo with a minimum seniority of two years without interruptions. However, people with reduced mobility and women victims of violence are exempt from meeting this registration requirement.

Additional requirements and promotion details

  • Number of homes: 108 VPO for rent.
  • Housing adapted for people with disabilities: 5.
  • Home size: From 43 m² (one bedroom) to 87 m² (three bedrooms).
  • Census: At least one person holding the application must be registered in Barakaldo for a minimum of two years.
  • Income: Between 9.000 and 43.753,71 euros per year in the income year of 2022.

It is essential to be registered as a rental housing applicant in the Registry of Housing Applicants in Barakaldo. In the case of people with reduced mobility and women victims of gender violence, participation is allowed regardless of the municipality of request.

Registration and award process

The registration period is open from May 24 to June 10, 2024. During this period, interested parties must register in Etxebide, andThe housing registration service of the Basque Government. It is important to correctly follow the steps of the registration process to guarantee participation in the award.

Giving up a housing award without justified cause may result in deregistration from Etxebide and a ban on registration for one year. Not participating in the award procedure, on the other hand, will not have consequences on the file in Etxebide.

Officially protected housing: an opportunity for everyone

Social housing represents a valuable opportunity to access a decent and affordable home. These types of promotions seek to meet the needs of various population groups, including young people, people with disabilities and victims of gender violence.

It is essential for interested parties to ensure that they meet all requirements and submit all necessary documentation within the stipulated time frame. In this way, they will be able to participate in the award process and, potentially, access one of these new homes.

For more information and to register, interested parties should visit the Etxebide website or contact the Basque Government customer service directly. This is a unique opportunity to access affordable housing in an environment in constant development such as the Desierto neighborhood in Barakaldo.

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