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Renfe recognizes suppression of trains in Bizkaia

Renfe recognizes suppression of trains in Bizkaia

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 3, 2024 | 12:29 p.m.

Operational challenges and corporate responses at Renfe

Renfe, the railway company that manages Cercanías services in Bilbao, has been forced to recognize the suppression of several trains in Bizkaia. These cancellations, described as "punctual" by the company, have arisen due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or paternity leave among your staff. This Thursday, specifically, ten deletions were reported.

La Renfe communication It comes at a time of tension with the Renfe-Bizkaia works committee, which had previously reported the possible cancellation of up to 200 services on lines C1, C2 and C3 during the next week. However, Renfe has denied this figure, ensuring that not many cancellations are anticipated. According to the company, the erratic planning of work schedules and the compensation for excess hours in 2023 are contributing factors, highlighting that these adjustments are being made rapidly in just four months in Bizkaia.

Impact on the community and mitigation measures

The impact of these deletions on the local community could be significant, especially considering that the daily Cercanías service amounts to 326 circulations. Renfe has tried to minimize inconvenience by adjusting schedules during peak hours so that changes are less noticeable to users.

Renfe recognizes suppression of trains in Bizkaia

Additionally, security at stations has also been a recent concern. An incident at Zabalburu station on April 29, where a worker faced an attempted robbery, has highlighted the need to strengthen security, although the company minimizes the seriousness of the incident, ensuring that the employee did not suffer serious injuries.

Reflections on management and corporate communication

This set of events highlights the importance of effective human resource management and transparent and proactive communication with the public. Accusations of mismanagement by unions suggest there could be deeper discontent with Renfe's administrative practices in the Basque Country, which could be affecting both staff morale and public perception of the company.

While Renfe works to manage these unexpected situations, customer trust and satisfaction remain a priority. The company must ensure that such outages are managed in a way that minimizes the impact on users and that any security issues are addressed with the seriousness they deserve. Collaboration between management, employees and union representatives will be essential to overcome these challenges and guarantee that the Cercanías service in Bizkaia maintains its reliability and efficiency.

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