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Residence employee in Barakaldo arrested for robbery of the elderly in their homes

Miguel Castillo

April 13, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.

Police have arrested an employee of a nursing home in Barakaldo for robbing residents in their own homes. The case was uncovered thanks to a complaint from the family of one of the inmates who, using a hidden camera, managed to record the worker stealing jewelry from the house.

The complaint that uncovered the case

The family of an inmate of the residence was the one who alerted the authorities about the situation. After noticing the disappearance of valuables in the old man's home, they decided to install a hidden camera to clarify the facts. The images obtained revealed that the employee of the residence was responsible for the thefts.

After filing the complaint, the Police began an investigation that culminated in the arrest of the worker, who had been taking advantage of his position at the residence to rob the elderly in their own homes.

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