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Sener, the Biscayan engineering giant, joins 5G Ventures to promote Industry 4.0

Jesus Carames

June 7, 2023 | 7:30 a.m.

The board of innovation and entrepreneurship has registered a strategic movement. tendons, a Biscayan industrial group specializing in engineering and construction, has entered the exclusive ecosystem of 5G Ventures, the first European venture builder focused on advanced connectivity and 5G projects.

A million-dollar bet in the era of connectivity

This landing has been carried out in the context of an investment round valued at one million euros, which has also had the support of other investors, such as Farside Ventures. This operation comes weeks after Sener made another important acquisition, that of the Spanish engineering company Quark, for 100 million euros.

With this investment in 5G Ventures, Sener reinforces its digitization strategy and development of new technologies, betting on open innovation. A bold and calculated move at a crucial time for the digital economy.

Accelerating Industry 4.0 with startups

The newly injected funds will allow 5G Ventures to expand its portfolio with two new startups in the connected mobility and agrotech sectors. In addition, the growth of four other investee companies that offer advanced connectivity solutions for private 5G networks is being promoted: Neutroon and BE-IN-G, Blue Guardian and Gluonise.

As a venture builder, 5G Ventures fosters this transformation by creating 5G ecosystem startups and advanced connectivity that offer solutions to challenges facing the industry. Therefore, Sener's entry is not just a financial investment: it is a endorsement of the vision of 5G Ventures and a clear commitment to the acceleration of Industry 4.0 in Spain.

Sener and 5G Ventures: a tandem for open innovation

The alliance between Sener and 5G Ventures illustrates the importance of collaboration and open innovation today. Sener, with its extensive experience in engineering and construction, contributes its know-how and scalability. For its part, 5G Ventures, with its focus on advanced technology startups, contributes its ability to identify and promote innovative projects on the digitalization frontier.

In summary, the incorporation of Sener as a strategic partner in 5G Ventures is great news for the startup ecosystem in Spain and, in particular, for those projects focused on advanced connectivity and 5G. With the backing of a giant like Sener, 5G Ventures is better positioned to continue driving digital transformation and Industry 4.0 in Spain. This alliance will surely mark a before and after in the race for digitization in the country.

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