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Sener has a new aerospace commitment in the Bizkaia Technology Park

Laura Rangel Ybarra

October 6, 2023 | 11:00 am

In a strategic move that marks its triumphant return to the aerospace industry in Euskadi since its departure from ITP aeronautics in 2016, the Basque group tendons has announced the construction of a new plant in the Bizkaia Technology Park. This development not only symbolizes a significant boost for Sener's industrial activity in the region, but also reinforces Bizkaia's position as a hub of innovation and development in the aerospace sector.

A Strategic Return to the Aerospace Industry

tendons, with an established reputation in the engineering sector, has outlined plans to establish a plant that will not only focus on industrial activity, but will also offer engineering services, particularly focused on the aerospace division. This move is especially notable considering the company's history in the aerospace industry and its previous departure from ITP.

Implications for the Aerospace Sector in Euskadi

Sener's investment in a new plant in Bizkaia is not simply an industrial development, but is also a testament to the growth and viability of the aerospace sector in the region. The plant, with its dual focus on industrial activity and engineering services, is likely to act as a catalyst for future investment and development in the sector.

The Bizkaia Technology Park as an Epicenter of Innovation

The Bizkaia Technology Park has long been a hub for innovation and development in various industries. Sener's decision to establish its new plant here is not a coincidence, but a strategic choice that takes advantage of the existing infrastructure, the proximity to innovation and the potential synergies with other companies and technology startups located in the park.

Economic Development and Employment Opportunities

The construction of the new plant is not only a victory for Sener and the aerospace sector, but also for the local economy of Bizkaia. Investment in new industrial and engineering facilities will likely generate new employment opportunities and foster economic development in the region, creating a ripple effect that could benefit various industries and sectors.

Looking to the Future: Sener and the Basque Aerospace Industry

With the construction of this new plant, tendons It is not only expanding its operations, but also making a clear statement about the viability and future of the aerospace sector in Euskadi. Investment in infrastructure, engineering and industrial development is a step towards the consolidation of Euskadi as a key player in the global aerospace panorama.

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