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Sopuerta juvenile center under control according to Bizkaia Provincial Council

Mairenis Gomez

May 17, 2024 | 3:30 p.m.

Positive balance of the first month of operation of the Sopuerta juvenile center

In the first month of operation of the Sopuerta juvenile center, The Provincial Council of Bizkaia has made a highly positive assessment, highlighting the quality of the service provided and the dedication of the multidisciplinary team that works there. This center, recently inaugurated, is dedicated to preparing minors for their emancipation, offering not only a safe and stable environment, but also constant educational and assistance support.

From the beginning, the center has been under the supervision of specialized educational staff. Whose main objective is to provide young people with the tools and support necessary for their full integration into society. According to Leixuri Arrizabalaga, regional spokesperson, the commitment and professionalism of the team have been key to the proper development of the activities. and the creation of an environment conducive to the personal growth of minors.

The relationship with the Sopuerta City Council and incident management

The Provincial Council maintains a fluid and constructive relationship with the Sopuerta City Council, working together to ensure the well-being of minors and harmony with the local community. However, reports have emerged about incidents in the center that have caused concern among residents. Arrizabalaga has highlighted that this information, often biased, can cause significant damage to both minors and the public perception of the center.

The spokesperson has been clear in her criticism of the dissemination of alarmist news, which she considers unfair and harmful. According to her, it is essential to avoid the creation of unfounded social alarms that only serve to stigmatize minors and hinder their integration process.. The insistence on focusing on negative aspects does not reflect the reality of day-to-day life at the center. Where we work tirelessly to offer quality and human service.

The need for a more responsible approach to public communication

Furthermore, public communication about juvenile centers must be responsible and balanced. Arrizabalaga has stressed that any inaccurate or exaggerated information can have serious consequences for minors, affecting their self-esteem and their social integration process. In this sense, he has called on the media and society in general to adopt a more constructive and less sensationalist approach.

It is even important to recognize that minors in these centers are at a crucial stage in their development and need all the support possible to overcome their personal and social challenges. Stigmatization and scaremongering are not only unfair. But they also contravene the principles of justice and humanity. that should guide our actions towards the most vulnerable.

The work of the Sopuerta juvenile center is commendable and crucial for social integration

The importance of empathy and community support

Ultimately, the integration of minors into society depends largely on the support and understanding of the community that welcomes them. Empathy and community collaboration are essential to creating an environment where these young people can flourish and reach their full potential. The Bizkaia Provincial Council will continue working to ensure that the Sopuerta juvenile center continues to be a model of excellence in the care and preparation of minors for an independent and successful life.

Ultimately, The Sopuerta juvenile center represents a collective effort to provide a better future for young people in vulnerable situations.. The dedication of the staff, institutional support and community collaboration are fundamental pillars for the success of this initiative. That deserves to be recognized and supported instead of being the subject of unfounded and alarmist criticism.

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