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Tax collection in Bizkaia in April fell by 15,5% affected by refunds and settlements

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 14, 2024 | 8:45 p.m.

Collection from agreed taxes in Bizkaia reached 922,9 million euros in April, 15,5% less than in the same month last year, due to increases in tax refunds and settlements.

In April, Bizkaia experienced a significant decrease in collection from agreed taxes, totaling 922,9 million euros, 15,5% less than in the same period of the previous year. This drop is mainly due to the refunds derived from the latest rulings of the Supreme Court on contributions to mutual societies and the annual settlement of single minutes with other tax administrations, which resulted in lower income compared to the previous year.

An accumulated collection lower by 4,9% compared to 2023

The accumulated collection in Bizkaia until April reached 3.442,8 million euros, 4,9% less than in 2023. This represents 35% of the tax revenue budget for the 2024 financial year, which amounts to 9.829,5 million euros. However, discounting extraordinary operations in both years, the evolution of collection would show a growth of 4%.

Increases and decreases in different taxes

La direct taxation has shown a positive performance, adding 1.828,6 million euros, which represents an increase of 4,4% (77 million) compared to April of last year. He Corporate tax stood out with an increase of 52% (107,5 million), and the withholdings on income from movable capital they grew a notable 73%. Fractional payments for professional and business activities also increased, raising personal income tax by 0,7% (+10,4 million). However, the returns derived from the advance in the Income Tax campaign and the rulings related to mutual societies before 1978 increased the returns to 228,0 million euros, compared to 164,7 million the previous year.

El Non-Resident Income Tax registered a significant decrease, reducing its collection by almost 40 million euros, due to an extraordinary income from the previous year.

With regards to indirect taxation, this totaled 1.404,2 million euros, with a decrease of 15,5%. This drop is largely due to the evolution of revenue in the hydrocarbon sector. The VAT, affected by the settlement of single acts, fell by 21,4%, and the Special Hydrocarbon Tax fell by 1,5%.

Evolution of other special taxes and tax concepts

Despite the falls in some sectors, other special taxes and tax concepts have shown positive evolution. He Electricity Tax almost tripled the 2023 collection (173,5%), the Registration Tax rose 9,2%, and the Transmission Tax and of Documented Legal Acts they increased by 1,4% and 24,4%, respectively. However the Tax on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and Alcohol Tax they fell 33,5% and 38,1%, respectively.

Adjustments and distribution between historical territories

In April, the first installment of the adjustments of tax figures distributed among the Historical Territories was recorded, resulting in a payment of 309,2 million euros by Bizkaia, of which 105,1 million were paid to Araba and 204,1, XNUMX to Gipuzkoa.

The fees generated 12,1 million euros, slightly below last year's 12,2 million (-0,4%). The adjustments with the State showed a decrease of 2,6% in VAT (303,7 million) and a reduction of 13,0% in Special Tax payments, with a payment of 122,8 million by Bizkaia.

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