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Teleworking conquers 13,1% of the Basque workforce

Teleworking conquers 13,1% of the Basque workforce

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 21, 2024 | 12:30 p.m.

The employment landscape in Euskadi is undergoing a significant transformation with the sustained increase in teleworking. This change in the work model is not just a response to recent global circumstances, but also an evolution towards new ways of working that are more flexible and adapted to current needs. Teleworking, which now involves 13,1% of the workforce in the Basque Autonomous Community, reflects not only an emerging trend, but also a change in the mentality of companies and workers.

From 2019, teleworking has increased steadily in Euskadi, a region known for its strong industrial identity and its commitment to innovation and technological development. This adaptation to remote work has not only been a response to the pandemic, but also a natural evolution in an increasingly digitalized labor market. It is interesting to observe how this work modality, once considered an exception, is beginning to become normalized, changing the way companies and workers view work-life balance.

The comparison of Euskadi with the rest of Europe in terms of teleworking

In Euskadi, teleworking has grown to involve 13,1%

While average of Euskadi, with 13,1%, is slightly lower than the state average of Spain, which is 13,6%, the difference widens considerably when compared to the European average, located at 24,1%. This data suggests that, although the Basque Country is adopting teleworking, there is still room for greater growth and adaptation to this type of work. The comparison with other European countries reveals the pace and nature of the adoption of teleworking in different cultural and economic contexts.

El teleworking It not only represents a change in the workplace, but also in human resources management, productivity and work-life balance. This modality offers advantages such as time flexibility, reduction in travel times and a possible increase in productivity.. However, it also poses challenges in terms of communication, time management and work-life balance.

For Basque workers, teleworking opens up new possibilities in terms of flexibility and balance. For companies, it represents an opportunity to rethink work models and take advantage of digital technologies to improve efficiency.. The key to success in this transition lies in finding the right balance that benefits both companies and employees, while ensuring productivity and well-being.

El increase in teleworking in Euskadi It is a clear indicator of how the Basque labor market is evolving. This trend is not only changing the way we work, but is also redefining the concept of office and work. As Euskadi continues to adapt to this new reality, paths are opening up for greater flexibility, innovation and efficiency in the workplace.

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