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The Basque economy advances and consolidates its position in a soft growth zone

Basque Economy

Mairenis Gomez

February 13, 2024 | 7:43 a.m.

The Basque economy takes firm steps towards sustained growth

News that resonates with optimism among the citizens of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia. In a recent analysis by the Department of Economy and Finance, an encouraging outlook is revealed for the Basque Autonomous Community, marking a promising start to the year. In January, the regional economy experienced a notable rebound, improving five tenths compared to the end of the previous year, standing at 83,6 points. This increase is not only a sign of recovery, but also strengthens Euskadi's position in the soft growth zone, remaining comfortably above the 50-point threshold.

Growth drivers: industry, services and construction

The slight but significant economic progress is based on several pillars. The industry, traditionally strong in the Basque Country, shows signs of improvement, contributing significantly to this positive outlook. No less relevant is the services sector, which continues its upward trend, leading job creation and demonstrating the diversification and resilience of the Basque economy. Construction, for its part, continues its upward path, supporting growth with projects that boost both infrastructure and employment.

The Basque industry: a fundamental pillar in the economic ecosystem

Although the industry has had a less favorable evolution compared to the services sector, it is still a crucial component in this economic ecosystem, providing new jobs and showing signs of recovery. This balance between sectors is key to understanding the solidity of the Basque economy, which is based on a diversified base capable of adapting to market changes.

The role of the labor market in the Basque economy

For its part, the labor market plays a central role in this positive scenario. The generation of employment, especially in the services sector, is an indicator of the strength and dynamism of the economy. Although the industrial sector presents a more timid evolution, its contribution is fundamental to the sustainability and economic development of the region. This labor outlook reflects not only the ability of the Basque economy to adapt to challenges. But also its potential to continue growing sustainably.

Consolidation and adaptability: keys to Basque economic success

Furthermore, the consolidation of the economy in the soft growth zone is a testimony to the joint work between different sectors and the ability to adapt to global changes. This balance between industrial tradition and innovation in services and construction is what defines and strengthens the economic fabric of Euskadi.

Basque Economy
The labor market plays a central role in this positive scenario

Towards a promising future

Looking forward, The economic outlook of the Basque Autonomous Community invites optimism. The key will be to maintain this balance between sectors, promote innovation and continue promoting policies that promote employment and investment. The Basque economy, with its recent rebound, is positioned as a model of sustained growth, resilient in the face of adversity and capable of offering opportunities to its citizens.

Undoubtedly, The Basque economy has not only demonstrated its ability to overcome moments of uncertainty, but is also projecting itself into the future with a solid and promising foundation.. This beginning of the year marks the beginning of a stage of consolidation and smooth growth, in which all sectors will play a fundamental role. The community of Bilbao and Bizkaia has reasons to look forward with hope and confidence in its economy.

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