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The Bizkaia metro reintroduces 50% discounts for all trips

Bizkaia metro discounts

Mairenis Gomez

February 19, 2024 | 8:00 p.m.

Bilbao celebrates historic discounts on the metro

Today, Bilbao and the entire province of Bizkaia are on the verge of a significant change in their dynamic. public transport. The news of the refund of 50% discounts on all metro trips, approved by the Bizkaia Transport Consortium (CTB), It is not just an economic measure. It is a giant step towards more accessible, sustainable and equitable mobility. This achievement, marked by its publication in the Official Gazette of Bizkaia, not only reduces the financial burden on citizens but also promotes a cultural change towards use of public transportation.

A look at the social and economic impact

The measure, which comes into force tomorrow and will last for twelve months, covers not only metro trips but also other means of transport such as Bizkaibus or Bilbobus. This discount, previously applied to 20% from the beginning of the year on temporary subscriptions. Now it is expanding, offering considerable economic relief and promoting greater social inclusion. It is a direct response to the escalation of prices in raw materials and essential services. Amplified by global conflicts and instability in energy prices. With this approach, the CTB not only seeks to encourage the use of public transportation. But also contribute to the fight against social and economic vulnerability.

Towards a sustainable and connected future

In addition, The decision to apply a 50% discount reflects a vision of the future where public transport emerges as the heart of a greener, connected and healthier society. This effort to encourage urban and interurban collective transportation is aligned with the global objective of reducing dependence on private vehicles. And reduce urban congestion and combat climate change. Furthermore, this affordable price policy is a recognition of the importance of maintaining sustainable urban mobility as a pillar of the quality of life in Bizkaia.

A renewed commitment to the community

This project not only demonstrates a commitment to improving transportation infrastructure but also to the well-being of the community. The public presentation of the tariff modification, which received no complaints, shows a social consensus on the need for more inclusive and sustainable policies. The ratification of these rates is a clear message that the administration listens and acts in accordance with the needs and expectations of its citizens.

Looking Ahead

As Bilbao and Bizkaia embark on this journey towards a more sustainable and accessible future, The reintroduction of these discounts on public transport marks a moment of reflection on how mobility policies They can and must evolve to meet contemporary challenges. This initiative not only benefits current users of public transportation. But it also lays the foundation for future generations, ensuring that mobility is not a luxury but a right accessible to all.

Bizkaia metro discounts
The Bilbao Metro is transformed with discounts of 50%

A step forward in the mobility of Bizkaia

Undoubtedly, The implementation of 50% discounts on all metro trips and other means of transport in Bizkaia is a bold measure that promises transform the way we move, live and connect. This collective effort by the CTB and the community of Bizkaia not only improves the accessibility and sustainability of public transport but also strengthens the social and economic fabric of the region. With this measure, Bilbao and its surroundings take a firm step towards a greener, more inclusive and connected future. Demonstrating once again its leadership and commitment to the well-being of its citizens.

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