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The Civil Guard celebrates its 180th anniversary in Euskadi with a parade

Jesus Carames

May 14, 2024 | 6:22 p.m.

The Civil Guard, on the occasion of its 180th anniversary, has reported at an event in Vitoria that it has some 2.500 troops in Euskadi, distributed in various specialties such as Prosecutor and Borders, Maritime Service, Judicial Police, Information, GEDEX, Weapons Intervention and Cynological Service, among others. This body faces a particular reality in this community, since the Ertzaintza, with about 8.000 troops, has a much greater presence.

A renewed commitment to Basque society

At the Sansomendi barracks, under the presidency of General José Antonio Mingorance, the Civil Guard has highlighted its renewed commitment to service to society. They have emphasized cooperation with other police forces in Euskadi, where their powers are more limited. A recent example of this cooperation was the large security operation during the barge festival in Bilbao, where nearly 700 agents from the Ertzaintza, Local Police and Civil Guard participated.

At the event, attended by institutional, judicial, civil and military authorities, the absence of rivalries with other police forces and the importance of collaboration for public safety was highlighted.

Institutional presence and historical parade

The event was attended by prominent figures such as the mayor of Vitoria, Maider Etxebarria, the senior prosecutor Carmen Adán, the president of the Provincial Court Mercedes Guerrero, and the subdelegates of the Government of Álava, María del Mar Dabán, and of Bizkaia, Vicente Reyes. For the first time, a parade was held outside the barracks in the streets of Sansomendi, in front of the command, marking a milestone in the history of the force in the region.

In January, the National Police also carried out a similar event in the Plaza de España, signaling a growing effort to make visible the presence and commitment of the State security forces in the autonomous community.

2500 troops in Euskadi

The Civil Guard in Euskadi operates in a complex environment due to the history and social and political dynamics of the region. However, the force continues to play crucial roles in areas such as border security, combating drug trafficking and terrorism, and environmental protection. Today's event reinforces its continued and adaptive role in Basque society, ensuring that its work is carried out in collaboration and harmony with local forces for the well-being of all citizens.

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