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The DGT affirms that 2 beers test positive for alcohol levels

Bilbao reinforces blood alcohol controls at Christmas

Jesus Carames

June 6, 2024 | 7:56 pm

One of the most common questions among drivers is how much alcohol they can consume before failing a breathalyzer test. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has addressed this concern by revealing the approximate number of beers that could lead a driver to exceed the legal limits..

Permissible alcohol limits and individual factors

In Spain, the maximum alcohol limit for driving is 0,5 grams per liter of blood and 0,25 milligrams per liter of air for experienced drivers. For new drivers, these limits are halved, meaning the permitted alcohol tolerance is even lower.

Answering the question of how many beers you can drink before testing positive for alcohol testing is not easy. The DGT explains that several individual factors influence the metabolization of alcohol. Weight, height, sex, age, health and food intake are determinants of how the body processes alcohol.

Impact of beer consumption according to the DGT

According to a DGT study, with just two small beers, a 70 kilo driver could exceed the blood alcohol level allowed for driving. Even just one beer could cause a person to test positive, especially if they have a slimmer build, weigh less, and have eaten little food..

These data highlight the difficulty of establishing a general rule for alcohol consumption before driving. Each individual metabolizes alcohol differently, which means that there is no safe amount of alcohol that guarantees not failing a breathalyzer test..

The best way to avoid testing positive in an alcohol test

The DGT reminds that consuming alcohol, even in small quantities, can impair the ability to drive safely. Alcohol affects coordination, prolongs reaction time and compromises concentration and decision making..

For this reason, the traffic agency insists that the best amount of alcohol is not to drink any if you are going to drive. To avoid testing positive in a blood alcohol test, the most effective way is not to consume any alcoholic beverages.. Furthermore, the DGT warns drivers that they not only endanger their lives, but also those of everyone else on the road.

Impact of alcohol on traffic accidents

The impact of alcohol on road safety is significant. In 2022, 52% of drivers killed in traffic accidents tested positive for alcohol or drugs. This alarming data highlights the importance of responsible driving and the need to avoid consuming alcohol before driving.

The DGT continues working to raise awareness among drivers about the dangers of alcohol consumption and its impact on road safety. The goal is to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and ensure safer roads for everyone.

Conclusion: Responsibility behind the wheel is essential

In conclusion, although the DGT has provided guidance on alcohol consumption and legal limits, The only sure way to avoid failing a blood alcohol test is to not consume alcohol before driving.. Responsibility behind the wheel is essential for the safety of all road users.

The DGT urges all drivers to be aware of the risks and make responsible decisions that contribute to road safety.. The goal is clear: reduce accidents and save lives, promoting safe and alcohol-free driving.


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