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The UPV falls in the ranking of universities

Image of the building of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) with a banner about the freezing of registrations by the Basque Government.

Laura Rangel Ybarra

August 15, 2023 | 3:00 pm

UPV/EHU: among the 500 leading global universities

La University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) continues to be recognized in the academic landscape world. According to the recent Shanghai 2023 ranking, it is among the top 500 universities globally. Although it is down from the previous year, where it was ranked in the top 400, it still holds a prominent place in the international educational arena.

The University of Navarra: out of the top 500

Furthermore, the University of Navarra it has failed to rank in the top 500, ranking in the rank of the top 600 academic institutions in the world.

Spanish universities in the ranking

In total, nine Spanish universities have managed to enter the list of the 500 most prestigious in the world. Apart from the UPV/EHU, there is the University of Barcelona, Grenada, Autonomous of Barcelona, Autonomous of Madrid, Complutense, Pompey Fabra, Universidad de Valencia y Polytechnic of Valencia. Although Spain has failed to place any university in the top 100, it remains a prominent presence in the international academic arena.

The UPV/EHU remains among the 500 best universities in the world, although it falls in the ranking

Classification criteria: beyond numbers

The Shanghai Ranking evaluates universities based on various factors. These include the number of published articles in prestigious journals such as «Nature» and «Science», the performance «per capita» in relation to the size of the institution, and the presence of Nobel Prizes among their teachers or graduates.

Global leaders in education

Globally, the Biomedical Engineering faculty at Harvard University continues to dominate, holding first place for 21 consecutive years. It is followed by renowned universities such as Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge y Berkeley. The North American presence is notorious, occupying 8 of the first 10 places in the ranking.

The Shanghai 2023 ranking highlights academic excellence and cutting-edge research. The UPV/EHU continues to hold an important place on this global scene, reflecting its commitment to quality education and cutting-edge research.

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