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The change in the political balance: The role of the leftist sovereignist forces in Spain

wilmer ayala

May 1, 2023 | 4:00 p.m.

The evolution of the historical bloc and the consolidation of support for progressive laws

During this legislature, we have witnessed the consolidation of what is called investiture block or "historic block", as Pablo Iglesias, founder of Podemos, calls it. Despite the fact that neither the ERC nor other left-wing nationalist forces supported the investiture, they have been giving their votes for most of the main government laws in these four years. This is understood as a future political strategy that seeks to consolidate.

The change in bipartisanship and the search for new balances

Let us remember that at the beginning of the 15M movement and the creation of Podemos in 2015, one of the fundamental objectives was end bipartisanship. The idea was that if the balancing factor in politics remained right-wing, albeit disguised as nationalism, then politics would not really change.

The historical change has been to replace that faithful of the balance, traditionally of the right and represented by CiU and PNV, on the other with a pro-sovereignty and pro-independence inclination, but on the left. This change has allowed during this legislature to address more progressive policies and aimed at expanding rights.

The role of the left-wing sovereignist and independentist forces in the current political landscape

Maintaining support for progressive policies

This reflection on the role of left-wing sovereignist and independentist forces in the political landscape is still valid. These forces are willing to maintain their commitment, not because they are in love with the current government, but because the alternative of a government of PP and Vox they find it terrifying.

Protecting the identity and rights of the people

A government of PP and Vox would threaten the identity and rights of the people. As long as these left-wing sovereignist forces are the balance, it is unlikely that we will see leaders like Alberto Núñez Feijóo, of the PP, in Moncloa. In the end, as is taught in political training schools, the left releases and the right squeezes.

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