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The Church appoints a pontifical commissioner to the Poor Clare nuns

The Church appoints a pontifical commissioner to the Poor Clare nuns

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 30, 2024 | 7:54 a.m.

The archbishop of Burgos will supervise the management and auditing of the assets of the monasteries

El Archbishop of Burgos, Mario Iceta, has been appointed pontifical commissioner of the monasteries of the Poor Clares of Belorado, Orduña and Derio. The measure, announced this Wednesday, comes after the decision of Sister Isabel, until now abbess of Belorado and Derio, to abandon the Catholic Church. This decision has led the Federation of Poor Clare Sisters of Our Lady of Aranzazu to request the intervention of the Holy See, which has decided to name Iceta as temporary person in charge of the convents.

At the press conference, Mario Iceta was accompanied by mother María Javier Soto, federal president of the Federation of Poor Clare Sisters of Our Lady of Aranzazu; Sister Carmen Ruiz, federal secretary; Donato Miguel Gómez, judicial vicar of the Archdiocese; and Rodrigo Saíd García, director of the Legal department.

Iceta explained that on May 29, Sister Isabel's appointment as abbess of the Belorado y Derio monastery expired.. On the same day, the election of a new person in charge was planned, but the abbess decided to leave the Catholic Church to place herself "under the jurisdiction of Mr. Pablo de Rojas." This fact led the Federation to ask the Holy See for help.

The intervention of the Holy See in the Poor Clare monasteries

La The Holy See has granted Mario Iceta all the rights and duties as pontifical commissioner of the three convents. In addition, a managing committee has been created to coordinate actions at the canonical and civil levels. There will be the collaboration of a professional office to supervise the economic management of the monasteries, carry out an audit and inventory the assets.

The Church appoints a pontifical commissioner to the Poor Clare nuns

The archbishop stressed that, if necessary, professional legal firms will be used in civil, fiscal and criminal matters. This is because some statements could be considered offensive and affect the honor of the people involved.

It was reported that on Tuesday afternoon a burofax was sent to Sister Isabel, still without a response, to inform her of the end of her mandate and the appointment of the pontifical commissioner with immediate effect. Besides, Pablo de Rojas, José Ceacero and any person linked to the Pious Union of San Pablo Apóstol was expressly prohibited from accessing and staying in the monasteries and their buildings..

Iceta hopes that the departure of Pablo de Rojas and José Ceacero be of mutual agreement, consensus and common sense. Although there is no established calendar, we will act with delicacy and prudence, waiting for your response before resorting to judicial means.

The Archbishop of Burgos emphasizes the importance of delicacy

The intention of the Archbishopric is that, after a reasonable time, each sister expresses her will to continue or not in the Catholic Church. Express renunciation would place them outside the ecclesial communion, and the sisters who do not renounce their decision would be excommunicated and expelled from consecrated life.

Iceta has expressed his concern about the situation of the nuns, with whom he wishes to be very delicate. He has defended the need to dialogue with them so that they understand the importance of the situation for their lives and for everyone.. The decisions made will seek to be as least harmful as possible.

La intervention of the Holy See and the appointment of the archbishop of Burgos as pontifical commissioner of the monasteries of Belorado, Orduña and Derio reflects the seriousness of the conflict. The priority is to guarantee the continuity of religious life in these communities, protecting both the nuns and the property of the monasteries, and acting with prudence and delicacy at all times.

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