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The Sopela City Council launches a call for projects in the Urko sports center

Mairenis Gomez

June 11, 2024 | 5:30 pm

The Sopela City Council opens the call for sports projects at the Urko sports center, promoting diversity and access to activities for the entire community

In an effort to encourage diversity and access to community sports activities, Sopela City Council has announced that it has opened the deadline to receive proposals from entities and people interested in developing sports projects at the Urko facilities. The call is open until June 17. The main objective of this initiative is to diversify the use of Urko's sports facilities, so that more sports entities and projects can benefit from this public space.

Sports projects that promote inclusion and community participation in Sopela

The Urko sports center facilities offer a unique opportunity for the Sopela community to participate in diverse and accessible sports activities. The City Council is especially interested in receiving proposals that promote the inclusion and participation of all segments of the population, including young people.. Older adults and people with disabilities. By diversifying the use of this space, we seek to create an inclusive and dynamic environment that reflects the values ​​of the Sopela community.

Entities and individuals interested in presenting their proposals have until June 17 to do so. During this period, it is essential that proposals focus on activities that do not just use the facilities effectively. But they also provide tangible benefits to the community. The selection process will consider projects that promote health, well-being and social cohesion.

Required documentation and application process to submit proposals

To participate in the call, it is necessary to present a series of documents that ensure the viability and positive impact of the proposals. Applications must include:

  1. Formal request: Identification of the applicant organization or person and relevant contact information.
  2. Detailed project of the activity: You must describe the activity to be carried out at the Urko sports facilities. Including a description of it, the objectives to be achieved, the target audience, the calendar of activities and the approximate schedule.

The application submission process can be carried out in the municipal registry or through the electronic headquarters of the Sopela City Council, thus facilitating the participation of all interested parties. It is important that the proposals are clear, concise and well structured, so that the selection committee can evaluate them efficiently.

Expected benefits of the call for the community of Sopela

The diversification of the use of the Urko facilities will allow a greater variety of sporting activities to be available to the citizens of Sopela. This will not only encourage a healthy lifestyle, but will also strengthen community ties and promote social inclusion. Sopela City Council is committed to creating an environment where all citizens have the opportunity to participate in high quality sports and recreational activities.

The Sopela City Council opens a call for new projects at the Urko sports center, promoting diversity

The Sopela City Council encourages all interested parties to submit their proposals before June 17

In short, this call represents a significant opportunity for Sopela entities and individuals to contribute to the development of a dynamic and accessible sports space. The Sopela City Council encourages all interested parties to submit their proposals before June 17 and be part of this collective effort to improve the quality of life in the community.

Without a doubt, diversity and inclusion are fundamental pillars in the development of activities that benefit all citizens. And the Urko sports center becomes an ideal setting to materialize these values. I am convinced that, with everyone's collaboration, we will be able to transform this space into an epicenter of physical activity and well-being for Sopela.

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