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The Provincial Council will invest 3 million euros to revitalize the small municipalities of Bizkaia

Regional investment for the renewal of the small municipalities of Bizkaia

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 15, 2023 | 9:48 a.m.

The Bizkaia Provincial Council has announced an investment of three million euros to promote the development of the 86 towns with less than 7.500 inhabitants in the region. This initiative represents a significant boost for small municipalities, which often face unique challenges due to their size and limited resources. The objective of these aids is to finance investments in infrastructure municipal, ranging from the renovation of buildings to the pedestrianization of spaces and the improvement of public roads and urban parking lots.

The regional spokesperson, Leixuri Arrizabalaga, has specified that this financing also includes the coverage of public facilities and infrastructure. that improve accessibility. The distribution of the funds will be carried out in two tranches: two million euros for towns with up to 1.200 inhabitants and one million euros for municipalities with a population of up to 7.500 inhabitants. This distribution seeks to guarantee that smaller municipalities have access to the resources necessary to carry out essential projects.

Criteria and conditions for the allocation of subsidies

To guarantee efficient and responsible use of funds, the Provincial Council has established clear criteria for the allocation of subsidies. The investment for Bizkaia must be sustainable and not compromise the future economic-financial situation of the town councils. Municipalities requesting this aid will have to present detailed justifications on the financing and long-term impact of the proposed infrastructure.

The deadline to request aid extends from January 1 to February 16, 2024, with an execution period that ends on May 31, 2025.. This time window allows the investment municipalities to plan and execute their projects with due anticipation and effectiveness in Bizkaia. The timely completion of these works will be essential to maximize the positive impact of the investment on local communities.

Expected and future impact of the Bizkaia municipalities

The investment of three million euros in the small municipalities of Bizkaia is more than a mere allocation of funds; represents a commitment to the sustainable and balanced development of the region. These infrastructure improvements will not only increase the quality of life of residents, but will also enhance the attractiveness of these municipalities for visitors and potential new inhabitants.

In summary, The initiative of the Bizkaia Provincial Council is a clear example of how government support can be crucial to the progress and revitalization of small communities. Through this investment, the smallest municipalities of Bizkaia have the opportunity to transform and prosper, ensuring their vitality for future generations.

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