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The Ertzaintza investigates two Athletic players for gathering in public without permission

The Ertzaintza investigates two Athletic players for gathering in public without warning

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 10, 2024 | 4:35 p.m.

Two Athletic footballers face a file for an unreported celebration

La Saturday night in Bilbao It became a living image of joy and community. The city center, usually quiet and solemn, was filled with singing, laughter and the unmistakable sound of the brass band. The protagonists of this improvised celebration were some players from Athletic Club, who, after a significant victory, dThey decided to share their joy spontaneously with those they consider their extended family: the fans.

However, this spontaneity so characteristic of our culture, is now under the scrutiny of the Basque Government Security Department. The news that two players have been charged for leading this unreported concentration has generated a debate throughout the province of Bizkaia. Is this a case of football fervor that transcends the rules, or a simple carelessness in observing the laws that govern our public liberties?

The celebration that unites us, the regulations that regulate us

La kalejira that broke out in the streets of the heart of Bilbao not only demonstrated the deep bond between the team and its fans, but also revealed the complexity of maintaining a balance between spontaneous public expression and compliance with established regulations. The 'gag law', as the Citizen Security Law is colloquially known, clearly establishes the need to communicate in advance any type of meeting or demonstration in public spaces. This requirement, designed to ensure safety and order, contrasts with the impulsive nature of sporting celebrations, where the heart often guides the action, leaving reason aside.

Two Athletic footballers face a file for an unreported celebration

The community's response to the opening of this file has been varied. While some see this action as a necessary measure to maintain public order, others interpret it as an unnecessary restriction on the expression of collective joy. This incident invites us to reflect on how our laws apply in situations where emotion and spontaneity play a main role. How can we find the right balance between freedom of expression and the need for regulation?

The truth is that this episode has achieved something very important: it has demonstrated the indisputable passion that football awakens in our lives. The image of captain Iker Muniain, being raised by the crowd, not only symbolizes sporting triumph, but also reflects the deep connection that exists between a team and its fans. This connection, forged in victories and defeats, goes beyond any regulations.

The search for a balance

In the end, the issue that arises from this incident transcends the field of sports. It's about understanding how our norms and laws interact with spontaneous manifestations of joy and community. The key, perhaps, lies in seeking mechanisms that allow both the celebration of these shared moments and the guarantee of security and order for all.

Meanwhile, file opened to the two Athletic Club players It remains a reminder that, in a law-governed society, even the most genuine expression of happiness must find a way within established frameworks. This event, far from dividing us, should serve as a starting point for a constructive dialogue about how our traditions and norms can coexist harmoniously, respecting both the spirit of the community and the structure that keeps us safe.

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