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The floods in Erandio have an explanation

The floods in Erandio have an explanation

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 19, 2024 | 9:46 a.m.

The natural causes behind the recent floods in Erandio, separating the event from the works of the new mobile bridge

The recent floods in the Altzaga neighborhood of Erandio, that have captured the attention of the community and generated concern among residents, have been the subject of multiple interpretations and theories. However, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia has clarified that these events are not related to the works on the mobile bridge that is being built to connect Erandio with Barakaldo. This analysis addresses the details and implications of this clarification, in order to offer a complete and precise vision of the phenomenon.

The nature of floods and the institutional response

The overflowing of the river in Altzaga, which led to an unprecedented flood in the recent history of the neighborhood, has been categorized by the URA Agency and the Emergency Department of the Basque Government as an event driven by extreme weather conditions. According to reports, spring tides, a natural phenomenon that occurs when the alignment of the sun and the moon generates an exceptionally strong gravitational attraction on the seas, were especially intense on the dates of the floods.

The floods in Erandio have an explanation

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia, after a detailed technical evaluation, has reiterated that there is no causal relationship between the bridge works and the overflow. This statement is based on hydrological and environmental impact studies previously carried out as part of the construction project.. In addition, the provincial spokesperson, Leixuri Arrizabalaga, has emphasized the collaborative effort with the Erandio City Council to facilitate the compensation process for those affected, a process that is being coordinated with the Insurance Consortium to ensure a prompt resolution of the claims.

Community impact and institutional solidarity

Beyond the technical and administrative explanation, the authorities' response has included a component of solidarity with those affected. The Provincial Council has shown its commitment not only to clarifying the causes and defining responsibilities, but also in ensuring that assistance and compensation effectively reach those who have suffered losses. This approach not only seeks to restore normality in the Altzaga neighborhood, but also to strengthen trust between citizens and institutions in times of crisis.

Final considerations on natural disaster management

The case of the Erandio floods serves as a critical reminder of the importance of effective emergency management and the need to fully understand the natural phenomena that can affect our communities. It also highlights the importance of adequate infrastructure and prior studies. to the execution of large works, to minimize the environmental impact and avoid misunderstandings or unfounded speculation about the causes of natural disasters.

Although the situation in Erandio was unfortunate, the response of the institutions has shown a combination of technical precision and human sensitivity. This episode leaves valuable lessons about institutional preparation and response to unforeseen natural events, and reinforces the value of clarity and effective communication between authorities and the population.

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