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The bishop disguised as "advisor" to the nuns of Orduña is an unredeemed fascist

Mairenis Gomez

May 17, 2024 | 4:30 p.m.

Pablo de Rojas and his controversial ideology

The character under whose command they have placed themselves the Poor Clares of Orduña appeared this Thursday on Spanish television to praise Franco and deny the Nazi Holocaust. The founder of the Pía Unión de San Pablo Apóstol association, Pablo de Rojas, to whom the Poor Clares of Orduña and Belorado have turned as a reference after their resignation from the current Catholic Church. He declared himself this Thursday as a "great admirer of the social doctrine" imposed by the dictator Francisco Franco after the war. "Provoked by the same people who are governing us, by the socialists and the communists."

Statements by De Rojas on Telecinco about the Holocaust and the Civil War

In an interview with the Telecinco program Tarde AR, De Rojas has denied that the word "Holocaust" can be used to refer to the extermination of the Jews by Nazi Germany because to use that name the deaths have to be offered to God. And after telling him that expressing himself in those terms is a crime in the Central European country, he replied: "I know, but I am in Spain."

In this context, De Rojas has referred to the "7.000 priests murdered by the Reds, by socialists and communists." Y He has recalled his affection for his paternal grandfather, who was civil governor of Jaén during the dictatorship and provincial head of the Movement.

Denials about its role and financing

In addition, after denying holding the titles of "great of Spain" and "imperial duke" with which he has been presented in these days of controversy. He has denied that there is an economic and real estate motive in his intervention in this litigation that has had great media coverage.

Thus, he has said that he lacks the money that a benefactor supposedly offered to the Poor Clares of Belorado to pay for the purchase of the Urduña convent.. Property of the Poor Clares of Gasteiz. Those who have denounced the purchase and sale contract for non-payment of the agreed installments.

Contradictions regarding the financing of the organization

De Rojas has said that "I don't have that amount of money." Despite the fact that at another point in the interview he has defended that the "seven priests" and "200 married numeraries" that make up this organization are "totally self-sufficient". Thanks to contributions from the State, since it has assured that it receives money as a social association financed with personal income tax resources, and due to the contributions of the members of the group.

Criticism of Pope Francis and his excommunication

Furthermore, as both the Poor Clares of Belorado and the man who acted as spokesperson have done in recent days, Fran Ceacero, known as 'Don José', Pablo de Rojas has "empirically" described Pope Francis as a "heretic", whom he has underestimated for continuing with the "usurpation of the Chair of Saint Peter". "The simple layman Bergoglio," she has defined him.

He has even acknowledged that he was excommunicated by the current archbishop of Burgos, Mario Iceta, during his time as bishop of Bilbo.. Although he has considered that this excommunication serves to legitimize himself as "bishop of the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church." Since he understands that the current ecclesiastical hierarchy is the "Conciliar Church."

The relationship between De Rojas and the Poor Clares of Belorado: a story of truffles

In addition, De Rojas explained that the relationship with the Poor Clares of Belorado began by "buying some truffles." of those made by the nuns in this convent. After which she entered into a relationship for just over a year. In which they have agreed on her vision that there has been a vacant see in the Vatican since 1958, thereby denying the legitimacy of subsequent popes.

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