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The Labor Inspection in Euskadi manages to convert more than 33.000 contracts to permanent ones

The Labor Inspection in Euskadi manages to convert more than 33.000 contracts to permanent contracts

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 21, 2024 | 4:36 p.m.

In Euskadi, the tireless work of the Labor Inspection has culminated in a significant transformation in the labor market. With more than 33.000 contracts converted to permanent, this achievement is not just a number, but a reflection of the commitment to improve the quality of life of workers. This action is not isolated, but part of a continuous and meticulous effort that seeks to guarantee labor rights and stability of employees. It is a success story that tells us about the perseverance and effectiveness of public policies in protecting labor rights.

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security, Elena Pérez Barredo emphasizes that the objective of the Labor Inspection is to guarantee compliance with labor regulations, beyond the imposition of sanctions. This proactive and corrective approach is crucial to ensure that both employers and employees act within the legal framework, thus benefiting society as a whole. The Labor Inspection acts as a bulwark in the fight against labor fraud and precariousness, and its work is a fundamental pillar for the integrity of the labor market in Euskadi.

A detailed look at contract transformation

Contract transformation is not a simple process. It requires meticulous review and a deep understanding of work dynamics. The change of 33.617 contracts to permanent and full-time contracts is the result of a detailed analysis and firm action against irregularities. This process is a clear example of how focused policies and actions can have a real and positive impact on the lives of workers and the structure of the labor market.

During the legislature, 88.059 contracts were reviewed, of which 38% were transformed into permanent ones. This figure not only represents an improvement in the working conditions of thousands of people, but also an important step towards a fairer and more stable labor market.. The Labor Inspection plays a crucial role in this process, ensuring that workers' rights are respected and current legislation is complied with.

Shock plans and future strategies for the Labor Inspection in Euskadi

Looking to the future, the Labor Inspection in Euskadi does not stand still. With the execution of the second phases of the shock plans against fraud in terms of temporary hiring and discontinuous permanent contracts, this positive trend is expected to continue. These plans are an example of the dynamic and adaptive approach that characterizes the Labor Inspection, which not only responds to current needs, but also anticipates future challenges.

In addition, new campaigns to be carried out in 2024 demonstrate continued commitment to improving working conditions and the fight against precariousness. The use of advanced tools, such as the Anti-Fraud Tool, shows an innovative and efficient approach in managing resources and implementing effective strategies to combat employment fraud.

The work of the Labor Inspection in Euskadi is a clear example of how decisive and well-directed action can generate significant changes in the labor market. More than figures, these more than 33.000 transformed contracts represent stories of stability, security and dignity for workers. They are a testament to Euskadi's commitment to a fair and sustainable labor market.

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