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The mayor of Etxebarri calls for calm after an alleged sexual assault

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Jesus Carames

June 14, 2024 | 8:08 a.m.

Message to the community

The mayor of Etxebarri, Iker Lopez, has asked his neighbors to calm down after the alleged sexual assault reported last weekend during the patron saint festivities. Through a statement published on social networks, López recalled that the Ertzaintza maintains the investigation open and that, at the moment, no person has been charged. He added that agents are taking statements from "quite a few people" who were seen with the victim during the day on Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning.

However, the mayor has highlighted his "concern" about the threatening messages that the families of the people who have been called to testify are receiving. "Worrying messages of threats are being received in the family environment of the people whose statements have been taken," said López.

Call for calm

The first mayor has made a "call for calm" to all the residents of Etxebarri. «It does not help at all to the difficult situation that we are experiencing at this time that no one tries to set themselves up as a judge, hasty conclusions are drawn, and actions are initiated or threats are made that affect even the families of the people who have been called to testify, I insist, for having been seen with the victim in the hours prior to the reported events," Iker López remarked.

López has insisted on the importance of letting the investigation take its course and that it be the Ertzaintza the one that draws conclusions based on the testimonies and evidence that they are collecting these days. "I think it is important that we let the investigation take its course and let the Ertzaintza draw the conclusions it has to draw based on the testimonies and evidence that they have been able to and are collecting these days," he stressed.

Citizen collaboration

Mayor Etxebarri has also recalled that the Ertzaintza has asked for the collaboration of all the people who "used the public bathrooms in front of the txosnas" to provide data or details of what happened. López recalled the telephone number 946 07 53 60, which they can call so that the agents can contact them.

"Let's not rush or make mistakes that as a society and as a people do not help anyone," the mayor emphasized. "I know that these are complicated days, where in addition to demonstrating our solidarity with the victim, we must be able to remain calm and let the Ertzaintza do its job," he insisted.

Finally, he added that "any other way of proceeding only complicates the progress of the investigation itself." With this message, Mayor Iker López seeks that the community of Etxebarri maintains serenity and allows the authorities to carry out their work effectively and without interference, thus guaranteeing a fair and exhaustive investigation.


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