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The new Basque income guarantee law extends protection to more than 600 women affected by sexist violence

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Jesus Carames

April 15, 2024 | 5:57 p.m.

In a significant advance for social protection, more than 600 women victims of sexist violence and sexual exploitation have accessed the Income Guarantee Income (RGI) in Euskadi thanks to the reform of the Basque Law on Income Guarantee and Inclusion . This law, approved by the Basque Parliament in December 2022 and effective for more than a year, has eliminated the prerequisite of registration for three years in the autonomous community for victims, allowing a more agile and direct response to their needs.

The Department of Labor and Employment of the Basque Government, responsible for the implementation of this law, has released shocking data on the results of the first year after its entry into force. According to the report, 531 women victims of gender violence and another 72 affected by domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual exploitation have benefited from the RGI, which provides essential economic support to start new vital projects free of violence.

In addition to victims of violence, the law has had notable reach among other vulnerable groups. For example, it has supported 224 young people from child protection systems and 503 refugees. Aid has also been extended to 229 people under temporary protection, seven victims of terrorism and four individuals linked to the Basque community abroad.

In total, as of March 2024, the law has registered 57,941 active RGI files, with 12,965 new concessions in the last year. These numbers not only reflect the inclusion of new beneficiaries, but also the departure of many people from the system due to the improvement in employment conditions, which has reached record levels in the region.

The Secretary General of the Department of Labor and Employment, Idoia Mendia, highlighted that the new law has not only closed previously existing protection gaps but has also made it easier for more vulnerable people to find paths to economic independence. This is a step forward in the Basque government's commitment to supporting citizens in risk situations and contributing to their full social and economic integration.

Among the RGI beneficiaries, 15,457 are households with dependent minors, including 8,331 single-parent units, predominantly female. There are also 3,459 holders with some degree of disability and 2,273 victims of various forms of violence protected under the new model.

The update of the law has been crucial for 14,951 pensioners who now receive supplements to their income through the RGI, allowing them a more dignified and stable life.

The Basque Income Guarantee and Inclusion Law is proving to be an effective instrument in the fight against social exclusion and violence, ensuring that more citizens can benefit from the economic security and social protection they need to rebuild their lives.

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