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The pension movement demands profound improvements in the care system

Pensioners demand public care.

Jeickson Sulbaran

October 2, 2023 | 6:30 p.m.

The demands of a fair public care system

The pensioners from Barakaldo They took to the streets on October 1, marking the International Day of Older Persons. Its main objective was none other than to call for the implementation of a public system of quality care accessible to all.

Rights that transcend age

Firmly claiming, this movement maintains that rights do not disappear with the passage of time. Each individual has the fundamental right to decide about his life and death. But the concerns go further: there is a growing concern in society regarding the deficiency of the current care system. The lack of places and high privatization, along with exorbitant prices, are just the tip of the iceberg.

The marketing of care

The current situation, they claim, is the direct result of constant cuts and the desire for profit of private entities. Even centers originally created for charitable purposes now operate under purely commercial criteria, putting profits above the well-being of residents.

Institutional complicity

According to Movement spokespersons, this precariousness would not be possible without the tacit collaboration of the Provincial Councils. The almost non-existent supervision contributes to the persistence of these adverse circumstances.

Deficient coordination and legislation

Another critical point is the lack of coordination with Osakidetza and lack of political will to establish minimum standards that guarantee decent services. This includes the appropriate caregiver-resident ratio and the employment status of caregivers, who are mostly women.

Demanding concrete improvements

The pensioners of Barakaldo demand the presence of socio-geriatric and socio-health units in the residences, in addition to personalized care plans. An essential condition for this is to guarantee decent pensions, which facilitate access to care places, whether private, subsidized or public.

Political and social pressure

In a recent appearance in the Basque Parliament, representatives of the Pensionist Movement explained the urgency of complement the lowest pensions up to €1080 in 14 payments. Although there was receptivity on the part of the political parties, the definitive answer is still up in the air. Meanwhile, The Movement's commitment is to maintain the pressure, being present in squares and streets.

In support of the General Strike

The Pensionist Movement also showed its support for the General Strike that the Feminist Movement plans for November 30. This strike advocates, among other things, for a public care system. Along these lines, they invite a preparatory meeting on the 10th in Clara Campoamor.

El Pensioner Movement continues, tirelessly, in its fight for a dignified and fair care system, showing that commitment and defense of rights have no age.

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