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The platform for health sends a decalogue to the Basque parties to improve the system

The platform for health sends a decalogue to the parties to improve the system

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 16, 2024 | 11:26 a.m.

The Barakaldo platform demands urgent improvements in public health

The Barakaldo Platform for Public Health has issued a decalogue addressed to political parties, in which it highlights the urgent need to adopt concrete measures to strengthen the health system in the region, in view of its progressive deterioration and the vital importance of healthcare as a fundamental right. This document is presented at a critical moment, just when Osakidetza, the health service of the Basque Country, shows signs of fatigue and overload, something that has not gone unnoticed by citizens or policy makers.

The Barakaldo Platform for Public Health, known for her tireless activism in favor of a public health system that is efficient and accessible to all, has decided to take the initiative in an electoral context where health becomes one of the star topics. Its action not only seeks to inform, but also to commit political parties with specific and measurable proposals. The decalogue sent includes critical points such as the fight against the privatization of services, the increase in medical staff, the improvement in the allocation of budgets especially for Primary Care and the expansion of coverage in essential areas such as mental health and geriatrics. .

The response of political parties to this call will be fundamental, since it will set a precedent in how public health management is approached in the near future. The Platform has stressed that it is not enough to promise improvements; Concrete actions and rigorous monitoring are required to ensure that commitments are met. The deterioration of Osakidetza is not only a management problem, but reflects a deeper crisis in the valuation of public health as an essential pillar of society.

Within the framework of this campaign, the Platform has managed to put the issue of healthcare at the center of the political debate, challenging leaders and candidates to clearly define their plans and commit to an implementation schedule. The next elections will not only decide who pulls the strings of the Basque government, but also how citizens' health rights will be protected and promoted in the years to come.

The Barakaldo platform demands urgent improvements in public health

La BOPA initiative It is a clear example of how civil society can influence the political agenda and keep rulers accountable to citizens' demands. Health, as a fundamental right, is not only a matter of public policies, but also of social justice. Health is a right, not a privilege, and as such it must be defended and guaranteed for everyone, without exceptions.

The debate on public health in the Basque Country is a reflection of a broader concern at the national and international level about how to manage resources in a way that maximizes the well-being of the population. The situation in Osakidetza is a microcosm of global challenges in public health: insufficient funding, inequalities in access to services, and the need to innovate in management to respond effectively to the changing needs of society.

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