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The process to contract the construction works of the Trueba institute begins

Mairenis Gomez

June 17, 2024 | 7:30 pm

After six long years of waiting due to structural problems that led to its closure and subsequent demolition, the Basque Government has started the contracting process for the construction works

The Department of Education (PNV) of the Basque government The process to hire has finally begun on June 17 reconstruction works of the Antonio Trueba Secondary School, closed, and later demolished, six years ago due to stability problems.

The contracting process for the works of the Trueba institute finally begins after six years of waiting

The Antonio Trueba Institute, which was closed and demolished six years ago due to structural problems, will finally see the beginning of its reconstruction. This delay has been a source of frustration for the educational community and residents of the town of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia. The expectation was a quick reconstruction, but various complications have lengthened the process.

The most recent announcement indicates that work will begin "the first quarter of 2025." This news has been met with a mix of relief and skepticism, given the long history of delays. However, the current commitment appears firm and detailed, offering renewed hope to all affected.

Analysis of the contracting process and the deadlines stipulated for the reconstruction of the Trueba institute

On June 17, the Ministry of Education announced the start of the deadline for receiving offers from construction companies interested in carrying out this project. This period will last until July 23. These days, construction companies must present their detailed proposals, making sure not to exceed the maximum budget of 23.077.531,74 euros, VAT included.

Four days after the closing of the deadline, the analysis of the proposals received will begin. This process is crucial to ensure that offers meet the basic requirements established by the Department of Education. This thorough analysis seeks to avoid future problems and ensure that the selected company can meet quality standards and execution deadlines.

Details of the budget and estimated duration of the reconstruction works of the Trueba institute

The budget allocated for this project is significant, amounting to just over 23 million euros. This amount includes all costs associated with reconstruction, from the acquisition of materials to labor and other operating expenses. The amount reflects the magnitude of the project and the importance of guaranteeing a safe and lasting construction.

The Basque Government begins the contracting of works to rebuild the Antonio Trueba institute,

Deadlines and expectations for the reconstruction of the Antonio Trueba institute

In addition to the financial aspect, the Department of Education has stipulated that the works should not exceed 24 months in duration. This deadline is considered reasonable for a project of this magnitude, allowing for a meticulous and well-planned reconstruction. It is expected that, with proper management, the new institute will be ready to receive students within two years from the start of construction.

In short, the process for the reconstruction of the Antonio Trueba Institute has officially begun. After six years of waiting and unfulfilled promises, the community of Bilbao and Bizkaia can hope to see this project finally realized. The road is still long, but the steps taken recently mark significant progress towards the materialization of a new educational center that will benefit many future generations.

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