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The rise of tourist rentals in Barakaldo: Airbnb versus traditional rentals

Mairenis Gomez

May 26, 2024 | 7:53 p.m.

The rental market in Barakaldo is undergoing a significant transformation, marked by the growth of tourist rentals through platforms such as Airbnb. According to data reviewed by 'Barakaldo Digital', at least fifty homes in this town are rented to tourists, with prices ranging between 22 and 359 euros per day.

Tourist rental growth

The figure of 54 homes available on Airbnb contrasts markedly with the 13 that were offered in 2015 and around 30 in 2018. This growth reflects a growing trend towards the use of tourist rental platforms, which offer a lucrative alternative for property owners. households. In addition to Airbnb, other tourist accommodation platforms also contribute to this increase.

Impact on traditional rental

Meanwhile, the leading real estate portal in Spain, Idealista.com, shows significantly lower availability for traditional rentals in Barakaldo, with only 19 homes listed. The prices of these rentals vary between 750 and 1.600 euros per month, with an average price per square meter that has risen 6,9% in the last year, reaching 11,4 euros. This is equivalent to about 798 euros per month for a 70 square meter apartment.

Price and Features Comparison

In the tourist accommodation market, prices vary considerably. The most expensive option is a house with four bedrooms and three bathrooms in El Regato, which rents for 359 euros per day. On the other hand, the lowest price corresponds to an apartment in Llano, available for 22 euros per day with a single bed.

In areas like Rontegi, proximity to the BEC! trade fair Demand is increasing, with three-bedroom apartments renting for up to 316 euros per night. In Cruces, rentals are mainly aimed at users and workers of the local hospital. The central area of ​​Barakaldo, although with less tourist offer, presents outstanding options such as a spacious apartment in the Los Fueros Bulevar building, which is rented for 294 euros per day, with three bedrooms and two terraces.

The growth of tourist rentals poses several challenges, both for owners, tenants and local authorities. Owners who opt for tourist rentals must consider the tax implications, as the Treasury is increasing its surveillance of this additional income. Furthermore, the increase in tourist rentals can contribute to the shortage and increase in traditional rental prices, making it difficult for permanent residents to access affordable housing.

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