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The three-day strike of Uber drivers begins in Bizkaia

The three-day strike of Uber drivers in Bizkaia begins this Tuesday

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 2, 2024 | 3:00 p.m.

A strike that highlights labor tensions in the digital era in Bizkaia

Today, in Bizkaia, we find ourselves facing a scenario that, Although modern in its context, it resonates with the echoes of historical labor struggles. Uber drivers in the province have decided to stop engines and voices for three days, a movement that not only seeks to draw attention to their working conditions but also puts on the table the debate about how new forms of digital economy They interact with established labor regulations and rights.

The three-day strike of Uber drivers in Bizkaia begins this Tuesday

From today until next Thursday, The strike is presented not only as a challenge for the American company but also as a mirror where the society of Bizkaia and, by extension, from many other places, can see the tensions between technological advancement and worker protection reflected. The ELA union, protagonist of this call, has highlighted the need to respect minimum working conditions, a demand that resonates with that of many other sectors in the era of digitalization.

The strike, a reflection of the tension between the new and the established in Uber

Why this strike now? The reason is clear: after the expiration of the agreement on December 31, 2023 and after a year of fruitless negotiations, talks between worker representatives and the company are at an impasse. This situation of stalemate has led the union to direct action, seeking to open a new chapter in negotiations or, at least, highlight the difficulties faced by workers in this sector.

The choice of Bilbao as the concentration point is not coincidental; represents the economic and social heart of Bizkaia, and it is here where the message of the strikers seeks to resonate most strongly. The call for this strike and the concentration in Bilbao are not only a call to the company but also to society as a whole, highlighting concerns about how new forms of work and economy are integrated into our social and labor fabric. .

The reaction of the taxi sector, one more chapter in this debate

Uber's presence in Bizkaia has been, since its arrival, a topic of intense debate, especially among the taxi sector, which sees the platform as unfair competition that operates under a different regulatory framework. This conflict, far from being a mere commercial disagreement, highlights the tensions inherent in the incorporation of disruptive business models in traditional markets. The Uber drivers' strike adds a new chapter to this debate, broadening the focus on working conditions and worker protection in the digital age.

This scenario leads us to reflect on the necessary balance between innovation and labor protection, an issue that, without a doubt, will continue to be relevant in the coming years. As a society, we are faced with the challenge of integrating these new forms of economy in a way that respects both the entrepreneurial spirit and the rights of those who work in these new sectors.

In the strike of Uber drivers in Bizkaia It is much more than a labor dispute; It is a reflection of the challenges we face as a society in the era of digitalization. Through this event, we are invited to reflect on how we want labor relations to be configured in an increasingly technological world, and how we can ensure that technological advances translate into benefits for all sectors of society, not only for a few. As always, the future is uncertain, but the direction we take will depend on the decisions we make today, and this strike is an important step on that path.

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