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The workers of the residences of Bizkaia end the strike with a historic labor agreement

Jesus Carames

May 23, 2023 | 3:59 p.m.

The longest strike in the history of residences in Bizkaia has come to an end. After 68 days of strike, the workers in the sector have finally reached an agreement with the employer. This achievement represents a significant leap in their working and salary conditions, and constitutes a milestone in the fight for the rights of workers in the care sector in the Basque Country..

Salary increase and improvement of working conditions: The heart of the agreement

At the CRL headquarters in Bilbao, representatives of the ELA unions, which has 64% representation in the sector, and UGT, the second largest representative force, signed the pre-agreement. This agreement guarantees a significant salary increase of 340 euros between 2023 and 2025, which means that the workers will go from charging 1.460 euros to charging 1.800 euros, an increase of 23,22%.

In addition, increases in the seniority, night and weekend bonuses have been agreed, further improving the salary conditions of the workers. A particularly notable achievement is that workers have been replaced from the first day of their leave.

A step towards a fairer working day

As far as working hours are concerned, a notable reduction has been agreed. As of 2025, the workers of the residences of Bizkaia will see their working hours decrease from 38 hours a week to 35. This change in workload not only relieves the pressure on workers, but can also contribute to improving the quality of care provided in nursing homes.

However, union representatives have stressed that there are still some points to negotiate. They are committed to continue working to achieve the remaining objectives, showing their perseverance in the fight for labor rights.

This new agreement, which represents an important advance in the working and salary conditions of the workers in the residences of Bizkaia, will be in force until 2025. This agreement not only marks the end of a prolonged strike, but also sets a precedent for future negotiations in the sector. Improving working conditions in this sector is vital to guarantee quality care for our elderly, and this agreement is an important step in that direction.

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