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The works on the All Iron bridge will not affect the flood risk of Erandio

The works on the All Iron bridge will not affect the flood risk of Erandio

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 23, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

The Bizkaia Provincial Council assures that the works on the All Iron bridge did not influence the overflow

Hen/Stag Works on the All Iron bridge, which will connect Barakaldo and Erandio, will continue after confirming that did not influence the recent floods in Erandio. The technical reports have ruled out any impact of the works on the overflowing of the estuary in March, and the modification of the project could violate the Public Sector Contracts Law. The Provincial Council has been forceful in its defense, arguing that spring tides and low atmospheric pressure were the main causes.

The continuity of the works on the All Iron bridge has been the subject of debate at the General Meetings of Bizkaia. The opposition parties have requested the modification of the project to raise the level of the bridge and thus prevent future floods. Raquel González, spokesperson for the PP, highlighted that the works lowered the level of the pier, which supposedly contributed to the flooding of the Altzaga neighborhood last March. According to González, the damage to garages, vehicles, businesses, streets and doorways was significant.

EH Bildu, for its part, proposed an amendment for the Provincial Council to help residents affected by the floods. Idoia Buruaga, representative of EH Bildu, argued that only 14.5% of the damages had been compensated and asked the Provincial Council to assume more responsibility in mitigating the effects of floods.

The works on the All Iron bridge will not affect the flood risk of Erandio

Elkarrekin Bizkaia also criticized the lack of access to the independent report from Saitek engineering. Ricardo Vaquero questioned the secrecy surrounding the report and called for transparency in the management of the project.

Technical reports support continuation of All Iron Bridge project without significant modifications

Both the socialist Iñaki Jerónimo and the jeltzale Julen Karrion have denied that the bridge works were responsible for the flooding. Jerónimo and Karrion noted that the flooding was caused by historic spring tides, low atmospheric pressure and heavy rainfall. Besides, They recalled that hydraulic studies and URA authorization confirmed that the construction of the bridge would not increase the risk of flooding in Erandio.

Jerónimo and Karrion stressed that the Provincial Council is willing to collaborate with the Erandio City Council to reduce the risk of future floods. They offered support in the collection and analysis of information on flood studies carried out by different competent institutions.

La The Provincial Council has insisted that the work on the bridge and the bidegorri have had no impact on the floods. In his defense, they presented detailed reports and studies that support his position. Construction of the All Iron Bridge will continue, with a promise to minimize any potential risks and work closely with local authorities to ensure the safety of Erandio residents.

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