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This is how the PNV in Gipuzkoa will resolve the rag language of the Iturgaiz PP

Jesus Carames

June 1, 2023 | 6:10 pm

Joseba Egibar, president of the Gipuzkoa PNV, he insists: there is not and there will be no political agreement with the PP to form a regional government in Gipuzkoa led by his formation, leaving the decision of whether or not to support a Provincial Council led by EH Bildu in the hands of the Popular Party.

The balance of power in the General Assemblies of Gipuzkoa

Currently, the PNV and the PSE-EE, which are government partners in the main Basque institutions, have 24 seats in the Gipuzkoa General Assemblies. The same figure is reached by EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos. The balance between the two forces is evidentTherefore, any movement of the PP, with its three representatives on the Boards, can tip the balance to one side or the other.

Decisions of the PP: "with their active vote they can promote a certain Provincial Council and with their abstention, another"

According to Egibar, the choice of the PP is clear: with their active vote they can propitiate a certain Provincial Council and with their abstention, another. Rule out any type of pact with the PP, both public and private, making it clear that there are no ongoing negotiations.

Response to criticism by Arnaldo Otegi, general coordinator of EH Bildu

Arnaldo Otegi criticized the possible alliance between the PNV and PP, to which Egibar replied that Otegi is very prone to exaggeration. According to the PNV leader, Otegi should focus on negotiating the abstention of the PP, which would be the only viable option to ensure the candidacy of EH Bildu in the Provincial Council.

The position of the PNV regarding the PP

Despite the tense situation, Egibar clarified that the PNV is willing to talk with the PP, but not to negotiate a government agreement with that party. Again, he insists: In Gipuzkoa there has not been nor will there be a political agreement with the PP.

Possible considerations in sight?

Despite speculation about possible considerations between the PNV and PP, such as the possible facilitation by the PNV for the PP to govern in the Álava towns of Laguardia and Labastida, Egibar refused to make statements about the situation in other territories.

Therefore, the political panorama in Gipuzkoa continues to be uncertain. Power is balanced and any movement can change the course of events. Everything now depends on the Popular Party and its decision. Politics in Gipuzkoa is awaiting definitions.

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