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The 2024 Basque election campaign ends today

The 2024 Basque election campaign ends today

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 19, 2024 | 1:00 p.m.

Last day of the electoral campaign in the Basque Country

Euskadi is preparing to close an intense electoral campaign with the presence of prominent national leaders in Bilbao. This event will not only determine the political future regional but will also serve as a thermometer for the next national elections.

Given the proximity of Closing of the electoral campaign in the Basque Country, the city of Bilbao has become the epicenter of political activity. In an attempt to consolidate support for their respective factions, leaders of the entire Spanish political spectrum They have made an appearance, marking the day with fervent speeches and promises of change.

The day has been marked by arrival of Pedro Sánchez, president of the Government and leader of the PSOE, who has chosen Bilbao to give the last push to his party's campaign in the region. Sánchez has been accompanied by Eneko Andueza, who has been clear in his rejection of any government collaboration with EH Bildu.

Last day of the electoral campaign in the Basque Country

At the other end of the political spectrum, Alberto Núñez Feijóo of the PP has opted for a tight agenda that has taken him to the three Basque capitals in just one day, ending in Vitoria for his closing ceremony. This strategy highlights the importance that the PP gives to the Basque electorate in its national strategy.

The presence of leaders of minority parties such as Vox, with Santiago Abascal at the helm, and Podemos, represented by Ione Belarra, is also notable. Both parties face significant challenges in these elections, with Vox fighting to maintain its only seat in Álava and Podemos trying to secure its presence in the Basque Parliament.

A surprise element has been the participation of international figures such as Conor Murphy, finance minister of the north of Ireland, who has supported EH Bildu, suggesting an international dimension in the strategies of some Basque parties. This reflects how local elections can have repercussions that transcend national borders.

La competition between EH Bildu and the PNV for leadership in the polls has been a constant. Both parties have chosen Bilbao for their closing events, highlighting the city as a crucial meeting point for Basque politics. The race is particularly close, with the latest polls showing a technical tie between the two.

Meanwhile The visit of Pere Aragonès, president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, to support EH Bildu highlights the synergies between the parties that seek greater autonomy for their regions. This could be interpreted as a prelude to the Catalan elections, where Aragonès has a lot at stake.

The climate of the campaign has been largely peaceful, with a notable absence of discussions on controversial topics such as ETA's past. However, near the end of the campaign, a slip by the EH Bildu candidate about not labeling ETA as a terrorist has generated controversy, reminding voters of the complex political stories that still resonate in the region.

With the close of this campaign, Euskadi faces an election that will not only define its immediate political future but could also offer clues about the broader political trends in Spain. The high participation of national leaders and the attention to the region underline the strategic importance of these elections.

This last day of the campaign has been a mirror of Spain's political diversity and a reminder of how much is at stake not only for the Basque Country, but for the entire country. Election Day promises to be a decisive moment, full of expectations and anticipation.

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