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Bizkaia Treasury deflates 2,5% personal income tax in 2023 to cushion inflation

Jesus Carames

October 11, 2023 | 3:49 p.m.

In an economic panorama Where inflation threatens the purchasing power of citizens, Euskadi takes proactive and strategic measures to mitigate its impact. The deflation in the income tax brackets emerges as a key tool, seeking to offer tangible relief to taxpayers in the midst of an inflationary economic cycle.

A Strategic Decision in Times of Inflation

Inflation, This ghost that silently erodes the value of money has prompted the Basque treasuries to make a move, with a new deflation in the income tax brackets that will be approved this afternoon by the Basque Finance Council. This measure, which still keeps the exact deflation figure in suspense, is added to those already implemented in previous years, evidencing a constant commitment to the financial stability of citizens.

Background of Deflation and its Impact

In the past, Basque institutions had already established similar measures, such as a 2% deflation in personal income tax for 2023 and 5,5% during 2022. These actions, far from being isolated, are part of a broader strategy to counteract the effects of the inflation on taxpayers.

The Basque Finance Council: A Scenario of Key Decisions

This afternoon, The Basque Government and the provincial councils will meet to define the financial bases of the budgets of all Basque administrations, in a meeting that is not only crucial for fiscal policy, but will also set the tone for next year's economic strategies.

Recalculating Estimates and Setting Objectives

With an accumulated collection favorable until September and a percentage increase that exceeds expectations, the council has the task of recalibrating the estimates for this year and establishing financial goals for 2024. The compensation for the municipalities in the next financial year, thanks to the extra collection this year, will also be on the agenda.

Taxpayer FAQs

1. What is personal income tax deflation and how does it affect taxpayers in the Basque Country?

Personal income tax deflation is a measure that adjusts the brackets of this tax to mitigate the impact of inflation on citizens' income. It seeks to preserve the purchasing power of taxpayers, ensuring that they are not unfairly affected by widespread price increases.

2. How is the deflation percentage to be applied to personal income tax determined?

The deflation percentage is determined after a thorough analysis of the current economic situation, inflation projections and other macroeconomic factors. The decision is made seeking a balance that allows alleviating the fiscal burden of citizens without compromising tax revenues essential for the functioning of the government.

3. When will the new personal income tax deflation measures come into force?

Once the measures are approved by the Basque Finance Council and the relevant legal and administrative procedures are carried out, a date will be established for their implementation. It is crucial to pay attention to official announcements to obtain accurate and up-to-date information regarding their entry into force.

4. How can I obtain more information about the decisions made in the Basque Finance Council?

Official information about the decisions and measures adopted in the Council is usually shared through press releases, publications in the Official Gazette and on the websites of government institutions. You can also go directly to your local Treasury offices for advice and detailed information.

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