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Two arrested for growing more than 1000 marijuana plants in Urduliz

Two arrested for growing more than 1000 marijuana plants in Urduliz

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 23, 2023 | 11:59 a.m.

La National Police has carried out a successful operation in Urduliz, Bizkaia, where an important marijuana cultivationOn December 15, two men were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime, for growing more than 1.000 marijuana plants in a village. This finding, reported by the Ministry of the Interior, represents a significant blow to drug trafficking in the region.

The operation, executed by the Drug and Organized Crime Unit (UDYCO) of Bilbao, began in October when the cultivation became known. The investigation revealed that the person responsible, a 48-year-old citizen from Biscay, used his large home for illegal cultivation. The agents detected suspicious activities, such as the strong smell of drugs and the light projected from the house despite not having an electrical contract, which led to the intervention.

Unsanitary conditions and exploitation of workers in marijuana cultivation

During the search of the hamlet, the owner and his accomplice, a Costa Rican citizen in an irregular situation in Spain, in charge of maintaining the plantation, were found. The latter lived in unsanitary conditions, sleeping on a mattress in the same room where the drugs were grown, which adds to the seriousness of the case. In addition, the person responsible is charged with crimes of electricity fraud and against the rights of foreign citizens.

The agents seized in Urduliz a total of 1.005 marijuana plants, 96 lamps and 30 electrical transformers used for the production of the drug. The magnitude of the crop and the equipment seized underline the seriousness of the crime and the commitment of the authorities to combat drug trafficking.

Impact and meaning of the operation for the community and authorities

This operation not only stands out for the amount of drugs seized, but also for the social and legal implications it entails. The case highlights the problem of drug trafficking in the region and the need to continue with firm efforts to combat these crimes. Furthermore, it highlights the exploitation of individuals in an irregular situation, a worrying reality that requires attention.

La operation in Urduliz It is a clear example of the constant work of the authorities to maintain security and public order. The dismantling of this marijuana crop is not only a victory in the fight against drug trafficking, but also a step towards the protection of human rights and social justice in Bizkaia.

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