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Price of used cars in Bizkaia rises 4% in March 2023

Miguel Castillo

April 17, 2023 | 3:00 p.m.

The average price in the Basque Country stands at 12.406 euros, 0,2% less than in February, but 3,7% more than in March 2022

According to data provided by the National Association of Vehicle Dealers (Ancove), the average price of second-hand tourism in the Basque Country was 12.406 euros in March. Although this represents a decrease of 0,2% compared to the previous month, it is an increase of 3,7% compared to the same month in 2022.

Comparison with the state average

The average price in Euskadi was lower than the state average of 12.635 euros. At the national level, there was a monthly drop of 0,5% and a year-on-year increase of 3,6%.

Prices in the Basque provinces

As regards the Basque provinces, the biggest rise in prices compared to last year occurred in Cars, with an increase of 6%, placing the average price at 12.117 euros. In Bizkaia, the average price was 12.368 euros, which represents an increase of 4%. Finally, in Gipuzkoa, the average price reached 12.604 euros, with an increase of 1,8%.

Older cars: increase compared to March 2022

Regarding the oldest vehicles, over 8 years old, the price in Euskadi was 9.851 euros. This represents an increase of 5% compared to March 2022. In this case, the price exceeds the state average of 9.545 euros and also the average increase, of 4,4%.

Regarding the monthly variation, the price of these vehicles in the Basque Country was 1,3% higher than in February. For its part, the average for the autonomous communities as a whole increased by 0,4%.

Weight of the second-hand market in the Basque Country

The weight of second-hand passenger cars in the Euskadi market was 58,2% in March, lower than the 63,1% registered at the state level.

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